• Raffensperger Investigation Within Your Grasp

    March 28, 2024
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    To All - Your calls and emails are bearing fruit! Those in the Capitol are admitting hundreds upon hundreds of calls have been received on the various bills under consideration.

    The Georgia Record has received info indicating that the Original Language included in SB 358 (SEB can investigate Raffensperger) has now been placed in SB 189 and it is returning to the House and Speaker Jon Burns for a vote.

    This means that with the Original Language back in, SB 189 will:

    Remove Brad Raffensperger as an ex-officio member of the State Election Board (SEB)

    Confirm the SEB can investigate Brad Raffensperger

    Compel Raffensperger to cooperate with the investigation

    Ensure that investigative resources are provided

    In order to have a chance for signature by Governor Kemp, SB 189 must be VOTED ON AND PASSED by the House by TODAY, Thursday, March 28th, before midnight.


    1) Call Jon Burns – Speaker of the House: (404) 656-5020

    Ask that he put SB 189 on the House Floor for a Vote.

    2) Call your House Representative:   

    Ask that they vote to PASS SB 189

    If you need to find your representative complete your information on:  

    My Voter Page:    https://mvp.sos.ga.gov/s/

     On the resulting page scroll down and look for State House:

    Click on the number under State House to find your rep.


    Call your State Rep and ask that they vote to PASS SB 189

    A web-based list of all State Representatives may be found HERE: 


    A list of all State House Rep also appears below.

    Solomon Adesanya43404.656.0220
    Segun Adeyina110404.656.6372
    Kimberly Alexander66404.656.7859
    Victor Anderson10404.656.0325
    Teri Anulewicz42404.656.0116
    Michelle Au50404.656.0314
    Bethany Ballard147404.656.0325
    Mandi Ballinger23404.656.7153
    Imani Barnes86404.656.0202
    Carter Barrett24404.656.0152
    Matt Barton5404.656.3947
    Debra Bazemore69404.656.0202
    Karen Bennett94404.656.0202
    Patty Bentley150404.656.0287
    James Beverly143404.656.5058
    Shaw Blackmon146404.656.5103
    Josh Bonner73404.463-7853
    Roger Bruce61404.656.7859
    Debbie Buckner137404.656.0116
    James Burchett176404.656.5025
    Rhonda Burnough77404.656.0116
    Jon Burns159404.656.5020
    Charlice Byrd20404.656.0213
    Mike Cameron1404.656.0188
    Beth Camp135404.656.7855
    Lisa Campbell35404.656.0202
    Joe Campbell171404.656.0254
    Park Cannon58404.656.0287
    Kasey Carpenter4404.656.1803
    John Carson46404.656.7855
    Doreen Carter93404.656.0220
    Mike Cheokas151404.463.7853
    David Clark100404.656.0188
    Jasmine Clark108404.656.0287
    J Collins71404.656.1803
    Sharon Cooper45404.656.5069
    John Corbett174404.656.5105
    Brent Cox28404.656.0152
    Omari Crawford84404.656.0314
    Clint Crowe118404.656.0325
    Terry Cummings39404.656.0202
    Lauren Daniel117404.656.0178
    Viola Davis87404.656.0109
    Buddy DeLoach167404.656.0178
    Katie Dempsey13404.463-2248
    Robert  Dickey145404.656.5099
    Demetrius Douglas78404.656.7859
    Saira Draper90404.656.0265
    Karla Drenner85404.656.0202
    Matt Dubnik29404.463.2246
    Emory Dunahoo, Jr.31404.656.7857
    Chuck Efstration104404.656.5052
    Ginny Ehrhart36404.656.5024
    Chris Erwin32404.656.0188
    Stacey Evans57404.656.0116
    Becky Evans89404.656.0109
    Tim Fleming114404.656.0188
    Barry Fleming125404.656.0254
    Lehman Franklin160404.656.0178
    Gloria Frazier126404.656.0265
    Spencer Frye122404.656.0265
    Houston Gaines120404.656.5025
    Matthew Gambill154046517737
    Carl Gilliard162404.656.7859
    Lynn Gladney130404.656.0116
    Lydia Glaize67404.656.0202
    Gerald Greene154404.656.9210
    Joseph Gullett19404.656.0178
    Stan Gunter8404.656.5125
    Leesa Hagan156404.656.0325
    Matt Hatchett155404.463.2245
    Lee Hawkins27404.656.7855
    Sharon Henderson113404.656.7859
    Scott Hilton48404.656.0188
    Bill  Hitchens161404.656.5126
    Scott Holcomb81404.656.6372
    Betsy Holland54404.656.0116
    El-Mahdi Holly116404.656.0287
    Soo Hong103404.651.7737
    Mitchell Horner3404.656.0325
    Penny Houston170404.463.2248
    Karlton Howard129404.656.6372
    David Huddleston72404.656.0325
    Carolyn Hugley141404.656.0109
    Shelly Hutchinson106404.656.0287
    Mack Jackson128404.656.7153
    Edna Jackson165404.656.0265
    Rick Jasperse11404.656.7153
    David Jenkins136404.656.0188
    Todd Jones25404.656.9210
    Jan Jones47404.656.5072
    Sheila Jones60404.656.0109
    Trey Kelley16404.656.0188
    Dar'shun Kendrick95404.656.0126
    Gregg Kennard101404.656.0202
    David Knight134404.463.2248
    John LaHood175404.656.5105
    Rob Leverett123404.656.0213
    Regina Lewis-Ward115404.656.0287
    Marvin Lim98404.656.0314
    Jodi Lott131404.657.1803
    Eddie Lumsden12404.656.7850
    Karen Lupton83404.656.0314
    Mesha Mainor56404.656.0126
    Pedro "Pete" Marin96404.656.0314
    Chuck Martin49404.656.5146
    Reynaldo "Rey" Martinez111404.656.0254
    Karen Mathiak74404.656.0298
    Danny Mathis149404.656.0152
    Dewey McClain109404.656.0220
    Derrick McCollum30404.656.0152
    Lauren McDonald26404.651.7737
    Steven Meeks178404.656.7857
    Tanya F. Miller62404.656.7859
    Billy Mitchell88404.656.0298
    Martin Momtahan17404.656.0178
    Angela Moore91404.656.0126
    Farooq Mughal105404.656.6372
    Tish Naghise68404.656.7859
    Yasmin Neal79404.656.6372
    Kimberly New64404.656.0102
    Mark Newton127404.656.7853
    Gabe Okoye102404.656.0220
    Phil Olaleye59404.656.0220
    Mary Margaret Oliver82404.656.0265
    Esther Panitch51404.656.0287
    Miriam Paris142404.656.0109
    Sam Park107404.656.5059
    Butch Parrish158404.463.2246
    Don Parsons44404.656.5143
    Jesse Petrea166404.656.5115
    Clay Pirkle169404.656.7850
    Alan Powell33404.463.3793
    Brian Prince132404.656.0298
    Tremaine Teddy Reese140404.656.0109
    Matt Reeves99404.656.0325
    Trey Rhodes124404.656.5099
    Jason Ridley6404.656.3947
    Jordan Ridley22404.656.0254
    Shea Roberts52404.656.0298
    Ruwa Romman97404.656.0220
    Steven Sainz180404.657.1803
    David Sampson153404.656.0109
    Kim Schofield63404.656.0298
    Mitchell Scoggins14404.656.0254
    Sandra Scott76404.656.0314
    Devan Seabaugh34404.656.0152
    Dexter Sharper177404.656.0126
    Deborah Silcox53404.657.1803
    Tyler Paul Smith18404.463.7853
    Michael Smith41404.656.0265
    Lynn Smith70404.656.7149
    Vance Smith138404.656.0254
    Richard Smith139404.656.5141
    Ron Stephens164404.656.5115
    Doug Stoner40404.656.0220
    Steve Tarvin2404.463.3793
    Rhonda Taylor92404.656.0265
    Darlene Taylor173404.463.2246
    Brad Thomas21404.656.0152
    Mandisha Thomas65404.656.6372
    Rick Townsend179404.656.0178
    Long Tran80404.656.7859
    Kenneth Vance133404.656.0178
    Will Wade9404.651.7737
    Dale Washburn144404.656.0152
    Bill Werkheiser157404.656.5132
    Anne Allen Westbrook163404.656.0116
    Marcus Wiedower121404.656.7857
    David Wilkerson38404.656.0314
    Mary Frances Williams37404.656.0287
    Al Williams168404.656.6372
    Noel Williams, Jr.148404.656.5146
    Bruce Williamson112404.656.5026
    Inga Willis55404.656.6372
    Bill Yearta152404.656.0254

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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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