• The Company You Keep - Woman Calling Out Obviously Fake Twitter Account As Real, Tied to Kandiss Taylor

    April 4, 2024
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    Lauren Witzke Part Of Key Group Chosen To Speak At Kandiss Taylor "Ultra MAGA" Event During Gubernatorial Race

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    UPDATE: The Georgia Record reached out to Kandiss Taylor for comment on the connection to Lauren Witzke and we specifically asked if Taylor provided the sex text messages to Witzke. In her response, Taylor did not answer the question but did responded per the image below:

    In the last hours the evidence of a multi-pronged coordinated attack on talk show host Brian K. Pritchard is mounting.

    Lauren Witzke, one of the first to spread the alleged "sex" messages across Twitter, has now been tied definitively to former Gubernatorial candidate and GA GOP District 1 Chair - Kandiss Taylor.

    Taylors following has flagged since January when she posted a video claiming a SE radio station owner had in some way been manipulated by GOP 2nd Vice Chair, David Cross. A statement that the station owner himself refuted on video saying Taylors story was FALSE.

    In 2022, Witzke was one of a select group who joined Kandiss Taylor at the Forsyth, GA "Ultra MAGA" event during Taylor's run for Governor.

    Kandiss Taylor has spent much of the last few days making vitriolic statements against Brian K. Pritchard including citing the messages (the authenticity of which is now being heavily questioned) and going so far as to make statements regarding Pritchard's wife.

    Witzke posted the infamous messages, apparently with no attempt to verify their authenticity, treating them as real and saying:

    The Georgia Record has posted the observation of researchers regarding these purported messages:

    When The Elite Want To Quash Conservatives, Bring On The Sexual Charges

    While others recognize a fake Twitter account meant to emulate Mr. Pritchard, Witzke insists she knows different saying:

    Witzke: "Nah, I followed his account when I was investigating this. It’s his. Stop gaslighting!"

    When she was investigating? When and for what? The news of his case just dropped days ago.

    Investigator Finds Twitter Account Emulating Brian K. Pritchard

    As Georgians from around the State bring more information to The Georgia Record, we continue to put the pieces together and will bring them to you as we confirm facts.

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    Sarah Thompson

    The GLOBAL effort to OUST Brian Pritchard from his position as 1st Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party [no-Board of Directors of the Georgia Republican Party, Inc (GAGOP)] has come home to our doorsteps. This week, Chairman [of the Board] McKoon’s [corporate] executive director, Travis Bowden, sent out a cry for help among his loyalist State Committee members [no-directors, corporate officers, and corporate non-members] to garner support to “vote” to remove Pritchard [from the Board].

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