• The GA GOP IS Running A PLAN Against MAGA Brian Pritchard – Here’s How You Know

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    April 10, 2024
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    Ever since the GA State GOP convention in June 2023, many have noted that certain members of the executive committee have been unable to get support from the GA GOP itself.  

    Now the situation has crystalized into an open attempt to force certain grassroot members out of their positions and off the GOP State Committee entirely.

    But If It Is A Plan, What were the Early Warning signs?

    In some cases, members had access to data and the ability to communicate limited or blocked by not sharing contact information for other GOP State Committee members.

    Another example include Brain K. Pritchard and David Cross (and perhaps others) being denied email addresses associated with the GA GOP Domain ([email protected]) when previous officials in those same positions did indeed receive email addresses.

    More importantly, David Cross, a nationally recognized advocate and analyst of Election Integrity, and a member of the GA GOP Election Integrity Committee, was denied copies of Georgia State Voter Rolls.   The rolls are essential for ongoing voter roll analysis and to close down attempts to use old, ineligible registrations in current and future elections.  Why would the Georgia GOP deny access to this?

    As time has progressed, efforts have gradually become more overt, in some cases with members leaking information on plans to remove Pritchard and Cross to outside parties in an effort to thwart the improper removal of the two gentlemen.

    An example of this occurred in January when a radio station owner in SE Georgia was contacted by a trusted listener who reported there was a plan to remove Pritchard and Cross as soon as the next GA State Committee meeting.  

    The station owner went on the air to make a public appeal for Josh McKoon to stop any such plan and allow Cross and Pritchard to continue to serve.

    As The Georgia Record amplified that story, former candidate Kandiss Taylor recorded a video on Facebook in which she reported that she had discussed the matter with the station owner and he had in some way been misled by David Cross and had been led to report wrong information.    When the station owner appeared on The Georgia 2024 Show he refuted Taylors statements, showing her claims to be FALSE.    

    (Just this week Taylor claimed to have a recordings of her discussion with the Station owner. Upon hearing this, L Todd Wood, founder of CDM and The Georgia Record, urged Taylor to release the recording if she has one.)  At the time of publication Taylor had failed to release anything.

    This reporter also had subsequent conversations with other GOP members and associated officials who confirmed that calls and emails had been sent to State Committee members across Georgia in attempts to “whip” the votes necessary to remove Cross and Pritchard.

    Throughout this time, several GOP officials were both vocal and frequently posting and corresponding on the matter, claiming there “was no plan” or criticizing those who brought information forth.

    Notably on several occasions in past months, CDM has extended invitations to GOP Chairman Josh McKoon to come on the show and comment on the status of these and other matters.  McKoon has declined to take us up on the offers.

    They Run Playbook B

    Last week after an Administrative Judge heard arguments by Raffensperger and Carr's attorneys, she ruled that Brian K. Pritchard should not have registered and voted in 2008-2009.  This despite a finding by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles having found that a 1990’s case against Pritchard had been closed in 1999.

    Interestingly, the same people who were so vocal in January once again came out instantly, calling for Pritchard to resign or be removed – all seemingly without considering the actual circumstances of the case and the 5-year investigation pushed by Raffensperger and Carr.  Some of these people used legal terms in an attempt to portray the civil case as some sort of criminal case which it was not.

    Then, when they apparently felt even more ammunition was required, supposed “Instagram messages” magically appeared and were distributed (without source information or confirmation) and with the players distributing these notes including phrases such as, “just wanted you to see this”, “make sure you were aware”, and so forth.

    As more came out around these "messages" people began to recognize them as very likely falsely created in order to smear Pritchard.

    This is a key area that the bad guys behind the curtain mis-calculated.  Many Georgians have developed a good sense and instinct for things that don’t “fit” and these messages were a good example.   Why would such things suddenly surface just days after the case ruling?

    Once again Kandiss Taylor was out front portraying the messages as undoubtedly authentic – but with no actual evidence – and making charges against Pritchard, Cross as well as their WIVES.    

    This week those behind the PLAN made their second mistake:  As grassroots all across Georgia were compering notes on the odd, sometimes crazed posts calling for Pritchard to be removed, suddenly comes a second attack -- John Nance of the 7th GOP District announced that a decision to remove Susan Opraseuth from her position in the 7th District would be considered at the next 7th District meeting.  Many of those tracking the discussion on Pritchard stood back and recalled an incident more than a decade ago:

    The Great OZ May Not Be So Great

    When the first plane hit the Trade Towers many thought it a terrible accident or at least an isolated incident.   When the SECOND plane hit, instantly everyone knew it was a PLAN.

    So now that Georgians see the game that is in play, the question is why?

    Why try to block the efforts of arguably some of the most active grassroots advocates in Georgia?

    Why try to quietly remove them in January?

    Why jump on the Pritchard case, then foolishly add in some sort of sexual slant to the discussion, reminiscent of what was done to Brett Cavanaugh (and others) by the Dems during confirmation hearings and such?

    Why enlist the help of known wrong-doers, whose background could so easily be uncovered?

    Why do these people need to be removed from the seats to which they were duly elected by the people of their County, District and State?

    And a second question -- WHO has been working the plan and how?    

    For this Stay Tuned.

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    Would I be amiss in thinking that K-E-M-P may be behind this?

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