• Mercenaries Surround President Trump - Not MAGA - Attorney Charlie Spies Forced Out In Continuing Shake Up

    May 5, 2024

    Steve Bannon is the only person who can right the Trump ship

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    CORRECTION 5/6/24: Below we stated GA State Senator Coulton Moore was the only GA legislator who stood up for President Trump against Fani Willis. This was incorrect and an oversight on our part. GA Rep Charlice Byrd also had the courage to support President Trump during that time.

    The removal of RNC attorney Charlie Spies has been some time in the making, but just a link in the chain of the RNC swamp surrounding President Trump, with more changes likely to come in the near future.

    Spies, a close confidant of Democrat legal operative Marc Elias, had serious conflicts of interest with the Trump campaign, and resigned Saturday.

    The move had been ordered by the President some time ago, but was delayed for unknown reasons.

    “Charlie approached RNC chief of staff Chris LaCivita about potential time commitment conflicts and it was agreed that while we appreciate and value Charlie’s expertise and professionalism he could not do this role full time and still maintain the obligations to his law firm practice that he has spent years successfully building,” campaign spokeswoman Danielle Alvarez said in a statement late Saturday, reported The Washington Post.

    Charlie Spies
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    The justification for hiring Spies seems to be his experience with FEC loopholes to fundraising, which resulted in a large fine for a PAC Spies had worked with in the past.

    In an election critical to the future of the republic, Spies also refused to acknowledge the evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, which was prosecuted by a massive criminal conspiracy to defraud America of her elected leader.

    "I may get booed off the stage for this, but I have to say that's simply not true. There is just zero evidence that's true," Spies said in 2021 when asked about election machines reporting fraudulent results , reported NBC News.

    The curious pick of Michael Whatley to run the Republican Party after Ronna McDaniel was removed, has led to a continued circle of conflicted swamp monsters still surrounding the president.

    The Georgia Record reported on the strange developments with the Georgia Trump Campaign's treatment of MAGA GA State Senator Colton Moore at the Trump rally in Rome, GA in March. Moore was the only GA legislator to stand up for President Trump against the Fani Willis lawfare, and was not brought on stage during the rally (in his own district!), and was initially denied a photo backstage with the President.

    Billy Kirkland and Nick Ayers seem to be running the Trump organization in The Peach State.

    Chris LaCivita is currently a senior advisor to the Trump Campaign, and sources describe him as a roadblock to good personnel decisions in this critical time leading up to the November election.

    At this point, with months to go before polls open, The Georgia Record endorses Steve Bannon as the only strategist who could right the Trump ship.

    Bannon should be brought in to run the Trump campaign and surround the President with people who understand we are in a fight to save the republic, and who are not mercenaries who will at the end of the day only look for their next paycheck, irrespective of who wins, Democrat of Republican.

    The Trump campaign has been marred by state directors and establishment uniparty operatives with blind spots as to how the 2020 election was stolen, and who consistently make decisions based on what is best for their careers, not the future of America.

    Attorney Tom Renz broke information recently about the swampy connections of Susie Wiles, who is close to President Trump and seen as a 'gatekeeper'.

    'In what world does a person with strong ties to Big Pharma get close to President Trump?', we ask.

    CDM reported on concerning Trump endorsements in Montana earlier this year, which to this day enrage the MAGA grassroots.

    CDM will soon be reporting on issues with other critical states regarding Trump endorsements and campaign decisions in the very near future.

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    L Todd Wood

    L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit LToddWood.com.

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    Bannon is NOT always correct. He is always pushing Elise Stefanik ; check out her recent votes, all in line with swamp. Bannon does NOT expose Danes and the Montana RINOS like you do! He is way too easy on Abbott who should have been all over this border issue on DAY 1.
    Here is another one who cannot be trusted: Sen Katie Britt involved with Rove and pushing for Cornyn as Leader. I do not hear anyone mentioning this. So many underhanded evil traitors......

    The Prisoner

    Bannon is wrong often. He sometimes seems to ramble on before thinking. Yes, he cozies up to lots of RINOs.

    Amy Williams

    What about Dr Li Meng Yan’s comments regarding Miles Guo being a spy, and funding the Warroom? I have always been a Bannon fan, but you can’t take money from the CCP and then claim to be against them- Perhaps she is wrong, but she seems to be legit. This needs to be explored further, as there are so many bad actors at play.

    Amy Williams

    Dr Yan also mentioned that GETTR stands for “Get Trump”- true or false? The server is apparently in Shanghai.


    Agree with previous commentators about Warroom/Bannon, I would not endorse any specific person to strategize to right this ship. It will take all of us, we the people.


    God Almighty and We the People :)

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