• What's Eating Jason Thompson - Part Deux

    May 13, 2024
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    Following the publication of our article “What’s Eating Jason Thompson” released a few days ago, further information has been gathered regarding Julianne Thompson and her services for the Secretary of State’s office over the past 4 years.

    In our first article we noted that Secretary of State records showed over $228,000 paid to Julianne Thompson between 2020 and 2023.

    A State Audit Report, conducted by Georgia Department of Audits & Accounts, shows $105,000 paid to Julianne Thompson associated with the scope of their audit.


    The same analysis page shows $8,608,191 spent with “Dominion Voting Systems.”

    Other sections of the report call out potential SoS issues surrounding use of the State Purchasing Card Program, failure to utilize Mandatory Statewide Contracts with regard to public relations and information technology services, failure to comply with Purchase Order policy, and the hiring of the SoS COO/CFO as a contractor while still an employee.

    An email sent to Julianne Thompson to solicit comment on her work on behalf of the Secretary of State’s office received no response.

    What did her work have to do with these other areas? We don't yet know.

    The entire report may be downloaded or viewed below:

    Pages 47-50 of the Audit report contain a letter expanding on the contractor/employee concerns which appear to have been based on Gabriel Sterling’s role(s) as both contractor and employee.

    The letter may be viewed or downloaded below:

    Read part 1 on this topic here:

    What's Eating Jason Thompson?

    We continue to follow up with sources of additional information and will report as the information is confirmed.

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    William Quinn

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