• Hear The Candidates For Republican Committeeman And Committeewoman Address The Forsyth GOP

    May 14, 2024

    And Which Candidate Refused To Participate If Event Was Videoed

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    Six candidates for Georgia Republican Committeeman and Committeewoman spoke at the Forsyth GOP last evening. The Forsyth GOP HQ facility was quite crowded with people for a number of Georgia Counties, most to hear from the candidates, some to support their favorite candidate(s.)

    Prior to the event starting at least one candidate voiced an objection to having anyone videotape the event. After a discussion among the organizers and candidates, the majority of candidates were happy to have the event filmed. One candidate however continued to object.

    Afterwards multiple sources stated Jason Thompson said he would not participate if the event were video taped. Why Thompson would be concerned about having the event video taped we don't know.

    In place of video tape objected to by Thompson, the Georgia Record provides audio recordings along with pictures of each candidate who spoke along with their unedited comments.

    Shawn Cross, Amy Kremer, David Cross, and Jason Frazier saved time for and invited questions as part of their presentations.

    Ginger Howard and Jason Thompson did not take questions during their presentations.


    Shawn Cross - Candidate for Republican Committeewoman


    Ginger Howard - Candidate for Republican Committeewoman


    Amy Kremer - Candidate for Republican Committeewoman


    David Cross - Candidate for Republican Committeeman


    Jason Frazier - Candidate for Republican Committeeman


    Jason Thompson - Candidate for Republican Committeeman

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