• SULLIVAN: Brian Pritchard Remains First Vice-Chairman Of The Georgia Republican Party

    May 16, 2024
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    Pritchard Has Never Been Duly Remove from Office

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    Editor's Note: Hank Sullivan posted this retraction on a statement he made about Brant Frost. Sullivan also requested a retraction from Frost.

    Regardless what you may have heard or presently believe, Brian Pritchard is still the First Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. And that conclusion even assumes that the “Inc” thing is not a factor. There are many reasons for me to say that.

    Count #1-McKoon No Authority to Call the May 10 State Committee Meeting

    On April 5, 2024, Georgia Republican Party Chairman Josh McKoon sent out a call for the State Committee to meet. He did that without the requisite authority to execute the call in the first place. And he did so without an agenda, voiding the call even more. According to Rule 4.1A below, a written call notice must be accompanied by an agenda.

    There is a reason for requiring an agenda. One cannot call a meeting without letting the participants understand why the meeting is called. That’s the first thing. But even more so, according to Rule 3.1, while the State Committee or State Convention is not in session, all authority to conduct the affairs of the GRP is vested, not in the party Chairman, but with the State Executive Committee.

    The Chairman has no authority to call a meeting of the State Committee, or to formulate an agenda for a meeting of the State Committee all by his lonesome because Rule 5.1 only gives him the power to “execute” the call when the Rules provide, or when the State Convention, the State Committee or the State Executive Committee REQUIRE him to. He has no authority to determine “when the needs of the GRP require” a meeting of the State Committee because only the State Executive Committee has that jurisdiction (See 3.1 above). Only when there is an emergency, which the May 10 meeting did not represent, does the party chairman have the authority to decide, solely among himself, when to call a State Committee meeting.

    But in this case, Josh McKoon called the State Committee to a meeting, all by himself, and with no agenda. It had no agenda because providing the agenda is the job of the State Executive Committee.

    Counts #2-50+ Josh McKoon Followed No Rules in Calling the State Committee

    Next, on May 3, 2024, Josh McKoon sent out an email to the State Committee members. And in it he provided three documents. The third document was a draft resolution for the State Committee to consider for the upcoming meeting. McKoon explained the resolution, “Finally, SINCE OUR RULES DO NOT SPECIFY THE TRIAL PROCEDURES, I have provided a draft resolution for you to consider that outlines how the trial may be conducted.” That is where Josh McKoon really screwed up. SINCE OUR RULES DO NOT SPECIFY THE TRIAL PROCEDURES, Rule 11.3 requires that ROBERT’S RULES TRIAL PROCEDURES BE FOLLOWED, not some ad hoc resolution McKoon cobbled together at the breakfast table.

    Robert’s Rules do not allow the Chairman simply to call a meeting to bring a member of the organization up on trial. Robert’s Rules do not allow the Chairman to come up with his own resolution and propose it to the State Committee. Under Robert’s Rules there are methodical procedures, WHICH MUST BE FOLLOWED, to eventually hold a trial of a member of an organization or society.

    As you see, first, an investigative committee must be formed. Individuals must be selected for that committee. The committee must convene and cannot do so without proper notice. Then an investigation must be performed. Once again, the committee must meet. Everyone must have input. Perhaps they would meet numerous times. Ultimately, to get to the next step, the committee must write a report and attach it to a resolution along with advice to the governing committee on how to treat the problem. In this case, the State Executive Committee would be the governing committee, to either move toward a trial, or table the question, or quash the effort. What I describe is written in section 63.7 of Robert’s Rules. And at each step along the way, there are bumps in the road requiring those involved in the process to undertake “due process.” No committee chairman has sufficient authority to throw the question on his back and decide these things unilaterally. No party chairman has authority to bypass any step along the way and decide matters unto himself.

    But that is what Josh McKoon did. According to Robert’s Rules, notice the steps to which I refer “MUST BE FOLLOWED.” So there is no latitude in the rules governing a trial. But in this case, Josh McKoon essentially put together a posse, headed out on horseback, got Brian Pritchard to turn himself in and they hanged his a$$ vigilante style! But you see, Josh McKoon didn’t have time to do this according to the rules. We heard from two of three witnesses who testified that, way back in January, 8th District Chairman Chan Jones told them there was a plot to take out both Brian Pritchard and Second Vice Chairman David Cross, allegedly in Jones’ terms, ‘BEFORE THE CONVENTION.” Josh McKoon did not have time to convene the State Executive Committee to start a truly democratic process that would protect the rights of an innocent victim. No, time was a wastin’, he had to gitterdone!

    Pritchard Never Removed from Office

    So what does all this mean ? It means that Brian Pritchard was never removed from office. Brian Pritchard is still the First Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. Yes, that’s right. To remove him from office, it has to be done ACCORDING TO THE RULES. Josh McKoon DESTROYED the rules on his way to a RUSH TO JUDGMENT. That is how tyrant’s work. They go faster than the public can keep up with because they know the rules and how to bend them, expecting that nobody reads the rules anyway. Well, some of us do read the rules. And Josh McKoon didn’t just break a little rule. McKoon broke those BIG rules. He made up HIS OWN RULES. And as I say, that is what tyrants do. They do not care what the rules require. They do not care whether anyone’s so-called rights are trampled. They are going to do what the Hell the want to do and dare anyone to stop them.

    Well, if anyone would like to stop Josh McKoon from his present course of destroying the last vestiges of democratic processes in the Georgia Republican Party, and if you are on the State Committee, I have done the work for you. I have written the resolution to stop all this. All you have to do is take it and present it tomorrow at the State Committee meeting in Columbus and gain the vote of 50%+1 of the votes represented. Maybe ban together with other freedom fighters and each read one of the “whereas’s.” Other than that, Josh McKoon will continue to buffalo grass roots Republicans into submission and run the Georgia Republican Party into the ground. You may not win, but your momma will certainly be proud of you. I encourage anyone who will be at the meeting to walk in with this resolution and dare them to turn it down. Here you go:

    Resolution Regarding May 10 2024 Assembly of the GRP State Committee

    • Whereas, on May 3, 2024, Chairman McKoon emailed a notice to all State Committee members advising that a trial requiring their presence would be held at a given time and place on May 10, 2024; and
    • Whereas, in the notice of May 3rd, Chairman McKoon wrote, “since our Rules do not specify the trial procedures, I have prepared a draft resolution for you to consider that outlines how the trial may be conducted;” and
    • Whereas Chairman McKoon’s May 3rd notice to State Committee members included a draft resolution specifying said proposed trial procedures; and
    • Whereas, GRP Rule 11.3 requires all State Committee meetings to follow Roberts Rules of Order unless modified by the Rules of the Party; and
    • Whereas GRP “Rules do not specify trial procedures;” and
    • Whereas, Robert’s Rules (63:7) provide “steps” that “must be followed” in the absence of GRP Rules for the conduct of a trial; and
    • Whereas, numerous material steps required by Robert’s Rules for the conduct of a trial were not provided in Chairman McKoon’s May 3rd draft resolution of proposed trial procedures; and
    • Whereas, those “steps” required by Robert’s Rules of Order for the conduct of a trial were not followed in either the lead-up to the trial, or the trial itself; and
    • Whereas, the steps required by Robert’s Rules of Order for the conduct of a trial, not followed include:
    1. a confidential investigation by a committee duly-appointed to investigate any charges against the trial accused, whose members are selected for known integrity and good judgment, the investigation committee’s deliberations also conducted according to Roberts Rules; and
    2. the generation of a report from the investigation committee, signed by every committee member who agrees, outlining the course of the committee investigation and recommending in the report the adoption of resolutions preferring charges, and arranging for a trial, duly delivered to the governing body, and
    3. formal notice to the accused of the duly-adopted resolution by the governing body ordering a trial before the body governing the removal of officers following Robert’s Rules 63:28,
    4. And whereas, conducting a trial outside of GRP Rules and Robert’s Rules is not authorized,


    • The May 3rd notice to State Committee members by Chairman McKoon was out of order.
    • The May 10th assembly of the State Committee, constituted in material error of GRP Rules, and material error of Robert’s Rules of Order, and was out of order.
    • All proceedings, all trials, conducted or resolutions offered during the assembly of the State Committee on May 10th, were execute against the Rules of GRP and Robert’s Rules and found to be out of order.
    • All conclusions, verdicts, sentences, removals from office, and any matters resulting from the assembly of the State Committee on May 10th are of no substance, null and void.
    • All video, audio, written or other records of the unauthorized State Committee assembly on May 10, 2024 in Doraville, GA., must be destroyed.
    • This the 16th day of May, 2024.

    Regardless what happens tomorrow and this weekend, just know that Brian Pritchard remains the First Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, as he has never been duly removed.

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