• GRA Says Smear Text Opt-Out Reply Was A "Glitch" By a Third Party Provider - The Georgia Record Offers to Help Confirm The Glitch

    May 16, 2024
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    Yesterday, following release of information linking texts attempting to smear David Cross to the GRA-PAC, the GRA issued a release stating in part:

    "The Georgia Examiner is not an affiliate of the GRA or the GRA-PAC. While some of our members may be involved in the Georgia Examiner, we did not authorize the Georgia Examiner to send out texts using the name of our organization or of our PAC."

    In phone calls yesterday, The Georgia Record questioned Nathaniel Darnell, an official of the GRA, regarding the status of the matter and was told that the GRA-PAC was separate from the GRA and should be contacted regarding what happened. We additionally confirmed with Darnell that Brant Frost would be the appropriate contact for the GRA-PAC.

    We placed a call to Brant Frost at 5:32pm yesterday, received no answer and left a voice mail and asked for Brant Frost to return our call.

    As of time of publication, the call to Brant Frost was unreturned.

    Given the broad-based questions from the public regarding the role of GRA-PAC in the matter, The Georgia Record makes the following offer to leaders of the Georgia Republican Assembly and Georgia Republican Assembly - Political Action Committee:

    Please provide the name and contact information for the third-party provider that you note in your statement released yesterday. Authorize them to speak with us and provide information directly regarding this matter, the "glitch" described in your release, and the parties who retained them for the text campaign in question.

    The Georgia Record will contact the provider, gather information and report publicly on the information shared with us.

    The GRA's released statement appears below:

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    William Quinn

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