• Leadership 101: Threatening To Sue Your Constituents Might Be A Bad Idea

    May 16, 2024
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    In Facebook post, McKoon gives constituent 7 days to retract statement, others push back

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    In the last few hours, as shown on Facebook, a strange exchange played out:

    Josh McKoon, objecting to comments made by a user, gave a constituent 7 days to retract a statement he had posted, alluding to a potential defamation suit based on O.C.G.A. 51-5-11. (Referring to the Official Code of Georgia.)

    McKoons post drew harsh comments from other Facebook users:

    At one point another user posted "McKoon you are a worthless piece of XXXX, how many days do I get?"

    As a leader and Chairman of the Georgia Republican party, threatening a constituent may be making his situation even worse.

    During the past weeks, Republicans have voiced concern about McKoon's leadership. Decisions regarding the "trial" process held last week at "The Eagles Club" aka F.O.E., against Brian K. Pritchard have raised questions surrounding whether McKoon correctly followed Georgia GOP Rules, Robert's Rules of Order in calling, planning and carrying out the proceedings.

    See the article entitled "Brian Pritchard Remains First Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party" on Hank Sullivan Substack HERE.

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