• What's Eating Jason Thompson? – Part Trois

    May 16, 2024
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    Statement to a veteran regarding PTSD shocks attendees

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    Tuesday evening Jason Thompson spoke at the Muscogee GOP meeting.  During the session a gentleman (veteran) was called upon to ask a question. (Thompson had also been invited to a ZOOM meeting with the GRA in Gwinnett but apparently chose to drive to Muscogee.)

    A gentleman in the audience raised his hand and was called on to ask his question.

    As the man began to ask him for his comment on the news reports that his wife and daughter received over 300K dollars from the SOS office on no-bid contracts and Dominion machines. Multiple witnesses state Thompson became belligerent, started yelling, and interrupted the question.

    Thompson told the man to, "shut up, sit down you're a plant."  When the man refused to sit down and said needed to answer the question to which Thompson “yelled”, "Fine you can stand up!"

    Then witnesses state Thompson said, "I see you have PTSD, that explains it!"  (The man who is indeed a veteran, was wearing a shirt which read Pretty Tired of Stupid Democrats   PTSD.)

    Witnesses report that many in the room were shocked by Thompson’s outbursts and especially with the statement he made to a veteran regarding “PTSD.”

    Following the meeting Thompson is reported to have apologized to the man for his conduct.  Notably, witnesses report that the incident was caught on video.

    Laura Loomer has released information regarding Thompson's attendance at a DeSantis for President event calling it "Totally disgraceful."


    Thompson was caught on tape shouting at a man who asked a similar question during the GRA Endorsement meeting earlier this month.

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    William Quinn

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