• The Case Of The RPOF v. The Citizens Of Florida

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    June 8, 2024
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    Guest post by Kat Stansell

    Since our nation is in legal mode, after the blatant political lawfare flung at President Trump in courtrooms for all these months, I present you the case of the Republican Party of Florida vs. The Free Citizens of the State of Florida.

    What follows is three exhibits which I believe prove that the Republican Party of Florida, led by lobbyist and Chair, Evan Power and DeGov, is acting against the US Constitution, and illegally attacking Trump conservatives in the state. The proof in these three instances is FAR more substantial than any of the ridiculous garbage thrown at Trump. Trump is an innocent man. The RPOF?

    You decide.

    Exhibit A: May 9, 2024. The Florida Republican Assembly (FRA) received a “cease and desist” notice from attorneys for the RPOF, requiring the FRA to stop using the name “Republican” and the symbol of the elephant in all of its work.

    Exhibit B: May 15, 2024. Longtime RPOF Committeeman, Peter Feaman, received a letter from the RPOF informing him that committeemen and women had been selected for the summer convention in Milwaukee. This selection process did NOT adhere to Rule 41 of the RPOF, which requires that ALL delegates meet to elect individuals to serve on the convention committees. According to Feaman, the mid-May “election” was “a rubber stamp of committee members pre-selected by an unknown cabal”. Though the hierarchy knew that Mr. Feaman was out of town, they proceeded with their selections while he was away.

    Exhibit C: May 31, 2024; June 6, 2024: an FRA member, Bonnie Hampton, and her husband, William, EACH received a letter from the RPOF, advising them that their attempts to join the Sumter County REC (Executive Committee) were rejected because they belonged to the Florida Republican Assembly.

    Here is the letter they received:

    “Hey (______), (literally, this was the greeting)

    Regretfully I have to inform you that there is a conflict in your application for membership to the REC. Recently, the following ruling was made by the RPOF.

    Organizations in Violation of Section 103.081, FL Statutes

    The RPOF Executive Board passed the following amendment at its meeting to RPOF Rule 1A: (Kat adds: misplaced modifier, but I’ll let it go here, since they are mentally challenged enough to pull this is the first place…)

    (2) No member of the State Executive Committee or of a County Executive Committee may be a member or officer of any organization that has been deemed by the RPOF Chairman to be in violation of the restrictions on the use of the name, abbreviations and symbols of the Republican Party as provided for in this rule or Section 103.081, Florida Statutes.

    The RPOF has deemed the Florida Republican Assembly, Inc., and its related county organizations in violation of Section 103.081, Florida Statutes, by using the party’s name without permission of the RPOF. This means that unless the Florida Republican Assembly and its related organizations decide to become chartered Republican clubs under RPOF Rule 1, any member of the State Executive Committee or a County Executive Committee may not be a member of a Florida Republican Assembly organization.”

    This notice of summary rejection breaks both state and federal law, and can be seen as religious discrimination. The RPOF is denying a member of a Judeo-Christian organization, the FRA, membership in their club, on the basis of the fact that she belongs to that Judeo-Christian conservative group which uses the contested name and image.

    Through these actions, the Republican Party of Florida has demonstrated willful unconstitutional activity by attacking members of a conservative group which operates under Judeo-Christian principles. The RPOF has also defiled its own mission statement, to whit:

    “The Republican Party of Florida will promote the principles upon which our nation and our state were founded: freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and accountability. . . . Members of the Republican Party of Florida will be united by these principles and will work to elect Floridians with integrity who will work to enact such solutions.

    Let’s review:

    First, the RPOF threatened legal action against Judeo-Christian Conservatives in
    Florida, then they removed an RPOF Committeemen from his assignments, now, they have sent a letter to a member of the Florida Republican Assembly (FRA) disallowing her application for membership in a county Republican Committee (REC) because she was a member of the FRA

    In reality, this is quite likely because the FRA is a very pro-Trump organization.

    Peter Feaman is a also a strong supporter of Donald Trump. What about the RPOF Rule 41, which was subverted to remove him from delegate power?? Is the new Rule 1, to discriminate against Judeo-Christian Conservatives somehow more important? Does the RPOF follow some rules and break others, at their will? Apparently, it does. At the very least, an explanation is in order.

    Note to file: Donald Trump received 81.2% of the vote in the April 2024 primary. This represents the will of the people. DeGov and the RPOF have forgotten that these are the people they are supposed to represent.

    Trump is the people’s choice.

    The real question becomes: Is the Florida governor and his state Republican Organization working with others to somehow disrupt Trump’s candidacy and take away the people’s choice? If so, Florida wouldn’t be the only state in which that seems to be happening.

    Tally is beginning to smell a little like the Globalist swamp in DC. “ToTALLYtarian”.

    If you need to catch up, please see “War of the Elephants”, for information on Exhibit A. This is where we first exposed the RPOFin their attempt to get rid of several constitutional conservative organizations, which happen to support Donald Trump, This article documented the CEASE AND DESIST ORDER that was sent by the state party organization.

    Those groups immediately appealed to DeSantis, but have received no response to date.

    The information on the Peter Feaman. incident, Exhibit B, including the letter he wrote, is covered in, The RPOF Now Purging Its Own”

    The people responsible for what is happening to Florida, are fundamentally Governor Ron DeSantis and his tool, RPOF Chair, Evan Power. Here’s a review of that relationship and its outcomes since Powers took the leadership.

    Power was the personal selection of DeGov, when the existing chair, Christian Ziegler, was forced to resign by a sudden three-way sex scandal. Ziegler’s wife, Bridgett, obviously a party to the three-play, has not yet lost her job on the Sarasota School Board despite citizens demands. (Mrs. Ziegler a DeSantis appointment to the new Reedy Creek Tourism District Board, still retains her seat there as well.) Just FYI.

    Evan Power was chosen by DeSantis as Party Chair, despite (or because of?) his affiliation with a lobbyist organization, Ramba - WHICH IS CLEARLY AN ETHICS VIOLATION. From Wikipedia : Evan Power is “an American lobbyist serving as the chair of the Republican Party of Florida since 2024. Power is a lobbyist with the Ramba Consulting Group.”

    The chairman of the Florida Republican Party is a lobbyist. Let that sink in.

    If you recall, after Evan Power became RPOF chair in 2024, Ramba immediately began lobbying for the “Harassment Bill, (SB562) which could have put FL citizens in jail for asking questions of election officials or workers. This legislation was part of a nationally organized push by the far-left election fraud creator, David Becker, and Becker’s EOLDN (Election Official Legal Defense Network) If you recall, it is Becker, whose ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) gathered and stored phantom voters for use, by the millions around the country.

    In DeSantis’s much ballyhoo’ed “election integrity bill”, HB7050, passed in 2023, citizen audits were expressly forbidden. Citizen audits by Kris Jurski of the FRA and others had discovered over a million bad addresses on the voter rolls after the 2022 election. Was that a threat to the Tally Team? Why, the support for SB562??

    Had it not been for the state-wide blow-back against SB562, from conservative organizations like the Florida Republican Assembly (FRA), Florida would have become the 20th state (all left-leaning) where questioning election officials or workers would have become a jailable offense. Ramba and Evan Power (therefore, DeSantis) were all for it.

    Is this part of the attack on the FRA? Did RDS and Co. want to get rid of those pesky election integrity people so that elections could turn out the way the Tallahassee’s totaTALLYtarians wanted them to?

    Look at the basics on which RPOF started this whole thing.

    The claim to have sole rights to the elephant and the name, “Republican” has been proven wrong by history and by a 1999 court ruling.

    The Republican Party has been using the elephant as a symbol since Political cartoonist, Thomas Nast, first sketched this in 1876, 150 years ago.

    “The party name was created in May 1864, during the Civil War, ahead of the 1864 presidential election, in which President Abraham Lincoln, then a Republican, was running for reelection.” says Wikipedia.

    The Florida Republican Assembly (FRA) , as part of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), has been using the name and mascot since the 1990’s, when it was chartered in the state. The NFRA has been operating since the 1930’s.

    * * *

    It has now been over ONE MONTH since the attacks began, with NO response from the RPOF, OR the Governor. This is key. I am certain that there are good people within the ranks of the Florida Party structure who disagree with what is going on. At this point, however, silence equals consent. We would like to hear from those who disagree - with ANYTHING about this purge.

    The silence from Tally is making them look suspiciously like Globalists instead of “Republicans”.

    I don’t need to run on. You get it. Please hang in here for another minute.

    It is well past time for the people of FL to take the upper hand!

    »>On August 20, 2024, is the Florida Primary elections, for all elective offices except for POTUS. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE, Florida! From scummy Supervisors of Election, to city, county and state officials, it IS TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!!

    Those that sit in silence are fair game.

    Here is the information from the Florida Dept of Elections, on registration dates et. al.

    Get out and Vote! Make this the largest primary vote on record in the state. Let Tallahassee know that you do NOT appreciate their messing with your rights!

    It’s your freedom that is on the ballot.

    The RPOF mission statement said they would be accountable. Make them so!

    Under the current leadership of the RPOF, Floridians are not free. Neither citizens’ choices at the polls, nor their right of association, nor even their rights to speak freely are safe.

    The stench of toTALLYtarianism in the state capital is getting hard to ignore.

    I used to think that elephants never forgot. Guess that old saw doesn’t apply today. The elephants in Tallahassee clearly need memory care. First and worst, they forgot that they represent the people. The Republican Party of Florida is in open attack mode on Judeo-Christian conservative groups in the state.

    They seem to have forgotten the people’s rights in their mad rush to silence the opposition. AND, here is the real issue:

    At this point in our nation, the “opposition” for people who love this country should be the Globalist cabal in DC, NOT Florida Republicans who support Donald Trump. Seems the Tally elephants are forgetting way too much. OR, they have joined those in the DC swamp..

    My dear friends in Florida, your future is in your hands. Get to the ballot box and clean up all those stinking pachy plops around the state.

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