Sumter County Georgia Confederate Soldiers At Battle Of Gettysburg

July 31, 2022
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Pvt George Suber, Co K, 9th Ga Infantry wounded and captured at Battle of Gettysburg

On July 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 1863 the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, led by Gen Robert E Lee, battled the Federal Army of the Potomac at a little known town in southern Pennsylvania called Gettysburg. Georgia provided over 13,000 troops to the battle and over 2,700 became casualties.

News quickly spread back home that a major battle had been fought in the North and families across the nation waited to learn the fate of their husbands, fathers and sons. Days later a casualty list from the battle of Gettysburg would arrive bringing the sad news of the Sumter County men who were killed, wounded and missing.

Monument to Georgia Troops At Gettysburg


(Co K, 4th Ga Infantry)

Lt Col David RE Winn, killed

Sgt Sidney Sullivan, wounded

Pvt Robert M Boring, wounded & captured

Lt Charles Tim Furlow, wounded

Lt Joseph H Rivière, killed

Sgt Peter S Twitty, wounded & captured

Pvt William K Wallace, wounded

Pvt Sylvanus Wilder, captured


(Co K, 9th Ga Infantry)

Capt James M.D. King, wounded & captured, died of wounds at Johnsons Island Ohio

Lt William A Cobb, severely wounded

Lt Littleton B Brooks, captured

Pvt Asa E Ansley, wounded

Pvt Andrew J Bass, captured

Pvt Avery W Cobb, wounded

Pvt John N Edwards, killed

Pvt William H Edwards, killed

Pvt Andrew J Lee, captured

Pvt Tillman J Lewis, mortally wounded

Pvt James E Stanford, wounded & captured

Pvt C.A.T. Stephens, wounded & captured

Pvt George P Suber, wounded & captured

Pvt John A Underwood, wounded

Pvt Harrison D Watts, wounded & captured

Pvt Abram Wilkins, wounded & captured


(Co A, 12th Ga Infantry)

Cpl Charles S Darley, wounded


(Battery A, 11th Btn Ga Artillery)

Pvt Reuben Dyess, killed

Cpl Wm H. H. Edge, wounded

Pvt Jasper English, wounded

Pvt Benjamin C Jones, wounded

Pvt William S. Moore, wounded

Sgt Horace D Randall, wounded

Pvt George W Varner, wounded

Pvt Fair C Yeomans, wounded

Pvt Bernard Harris, captured

Pvt George Weaver, captured, died at Ft Delaware Prison

(Battery B, 11th Btn Ga Artillery)

Pvt Thomas Guerry, killed

Pvt Littleton B Hancock, killed

Pvt James M Jones, wounded & captured died Oct 6, 1863.

Pvt Henry Tison, wounded

Pvt Hamlin A West, wounded

Pvt James H West, wounded

Pvt Thomas J Wynn, wounded

Pvt Louis Lamp, captured

Cpl John R Simmons, captured, died July 12, 1863 in US hospital

(Battery C, 11th Ga Btn Artillery)

Pvt John S Barnett, wounded

Pvt John D Brown, wounded

Pvt James MC Bryan, wounded

Cpl Henry Cummings, wounded

Pvt Wesley J Huling, wounded

Pvt Hopkins B Pope, wounded

Cpl Josephus E Strother, wounded

Capt James T Wingfield, wounded

Pvt John H Fitzpatrick, captured

"Georgia Confederate Soldiers - We sleep here in obedience; When duty called, we came;

When country called, we died"

Deo Vindice


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