The Cabal Admits Machines Can Be Hacked As Halderman Report Leaked, Was Used In Court Case Which Declared Machines Illegal In GA In October, 2020

June 1, 2022
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Federal Judge Amy Totenberg declared the Dominion Voting Machines illegal in Georgia, in the Curling vs Raffensperger case in October, 2020, before the 2020 General election.

The report was then sealed and no relief was given to the citizens of Georgia to this day on the issue.

Georgia just held another corrupt election, as the results just don't make sense.

Now we are hearing the Halderman Report is to be leaked, and the cabal now admits the machines can be hacked.

ATLANTA (AP) — Electronic voting machines from a leading vendor used in at least 16 states have software vulnerabilities that leave them susceptible to hacking if unaddressed, the nation’s leading cybersecurity agency says in an advisory sent to state election officials, reported AP this morning...

“These vulnerabilities, for the most part, are not ones that could be easily exploited by someone who walks in off the street, but they are things that we should worry could be exploited by sophisticated attackers, such as hostile nation states, or by election insiders, and they would carry very serious consequences,” Halderman told the AP.

One of the most serious vulnerabilities could allow malicious code to be spread from the election management system to machines throughout a jurisdiction, Halderman said. The vulnerability could be exploited by someone with physical access or by someone who is able to remotely infect other systems that are connected to the internet if election workers then use USB sticks to bring data from an infected system into the election management system.

Several other particularly worrisome vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to forge cards used in the machines by technicians, giving the attacker access to a machine that would allow the software to be changed, Halderman said.

“Attackers could then mark ballots inconsistently with voters’ intent, alter recorded votes or even identify voters’ secret ballots,” Halderman said.

Halderman said it’s an “unfortunate coincidence” that the first vulnerabilities in polling place equipment reported to CISA affect Dominion machines.

“There are systemic problems with the way election equipment is developed, tested and certified, and I think it’s more likely than not that serious problems would be found in equipment from other vendors if they were subjected to the same kind of testing,” Halderman said.

The Georgia Record/CDMedia has been out front on these issues for two years now. You can read our Georgia Election Integrity Series here.

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One comment on “The Cabal Admits Machines Can Be Hacked As Halderman Report Leaked, Was Used In Court Case Which Declared Machines Illegal In GA In October, 2020”