Third Video from Project Veritas Shows Unrepentant Quintin Bostic Admitting to Selling CRT Materials to Georgia Schools

January 20, 2023
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Bostic Claims Videos "taken out of context" but DOUBLES DOWN on Statements about Hiding his Work from the Public

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In the third of a series of reports by Project Veritas, Dr. Quentin Bostic is shown describing Teaching Labs CEO as a psychopath. In the other portions of the video he is approached by Project Veritas CEO, James O'Keefe and they discuss and his admission of selling CRT curriculum to Georgia school districts.

Unlike some other interviews Mr. Bostick seems to unabashedly support his actions in presenting and selling CRT material deceptively under other names.  

Mr. Bostic is seen stating, “if you don’t say the word, critical race theory, you can technically teach it.”  When asked why he describes himself as an “Evil Salesman” he answers “it’s jus a word I use.”

Also according to Mr. Bostic, a french fry is not a french's all relative...

Mr. Bostic’s Linkedin profile lists his name simply as Quintin B.  The profile describes him as  ”Named one of Georgia State’s 40 Under 40, a National Literacy Leader, and National Emerging Professional Development Leader, Dr. Quintin Bostic is an award-winning educator, keynote speaker, researcher, and advocate for equity-driven education.”

Perhaps a bigger question is now: How were CRT materials, even under another name, able to be bought and utilized given that such content is in violation of Georgia law.   What processes are in place to examine materials before they reach students, are these processes effective and were they actually used?

It seems School Officials, in addition to Mr. Bostic may have some difficult questions coming.

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