• Landmark Communications Worked With BLM Supporter Running For Mayor Of Johns Creek, GA

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    July 23, 2021
    Landmark Communications Is Behind BLM Supporter Running For Mayor Of Johns Creek, GA

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    UPDATE: We finally spoke at length today with Mark Roundtree of Landmark Communications. We left a message at his office last week (we confirmed our call records). There is no contact email address on the Landmark website. Roundtree declared he did not received the message. He informed us he is NOT currently running Brian Weaver's mayoral campaign in Johns Creek that just started, although he did run prior city council races for Weaver, as we reported below. He told us the large payments received from Weaver during the city council races were not for prepayments, but for old debts.


    Mark Roundtree's Landmark Communications, the self-styled 'Go To' political consulting firm for GOP legislative candidates, is behind a Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporter running for mayor of Johns Creek (JC), GA, a wealthy north Atlanta suburb.

    Brian Weaver, who just resigned from the JC City Council, is a documented supporter of the admitted Marxist organization - BLM (see above photo).

    No one 'takes a knee' for BLM unless they believe in their Marxist ideology. 'Taking a knee' has become a symbol of hating America and what she stands for -- freedom, self-reliance, and the Constitution of the United States. There is no excuse for this disgusting behavior.

    Weaver is a black man. He is also a progressive. Would you ever dream of seeing black conservatives like Candace Owens, LTC Allen West or Ben Carson 'taking a knee' at a BLM protest?

    Landmark can represent whomever they want, of course. It's a free country. However, the citizens of Georgia, and other GA GOP candidates need to know the firm does not just represent conservatives. On the contrary, Landmark has been involved in electing candidates who have done great damage to our republic - like Brad Raffensperger.

    A 'Progressive'

    Weaver is a retired police officer who rose to the rank of Major in the JC Police Dept, according to his website.

    His platform speaks of 'supporting the police'. This seems strange as BLM is the group who infamously chanted 'Pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon!', have burned our cities, and pushed 'defunding the police', creating a massive spike in violent crime, primarily affecting minority citizens in cities across the nation. This agenda is straight from the Marxist playbook to create division and chaos.

    BLM founders have gone on record as admitted 'trained Marxists'. BLM declared on its website the destruction of the American family one of its primary goals, until they received pressure and removed this information last year.

    Landmark Communications

    Brian Weaver's most recent disclosures for mayor don't list landmark as an expense, but did for his city council non-election year docs, June 2020 and Jan 2021 - were they pre-payments?  Weaver paid a LOT to Landmark during his city council campaign.  The form below highlights just one of many payments to Landmark during this period.

    It is instructive that Landmark has represented every previous winner of the Johns Creek City Council Post 2 seat -- Brad Raffensperger, Jay Lin, Brian Weaver.


    Here is the link to all the campaign disclosure. 

    Weaver is shown to have paid Pallavi Purkayastha - a known democratic strategist, who is on the Board of Governors of Red Clay Democrats, a political action committee dedicated to electing progressives at the state and local level.

    Weaver also was forced to resign from council, so they could include JC post 2 in the Nov election. He only served 18 months. He claims on Facebook by resigning, he is SAVING the city council $300K by not having a special election.

    It gets better.

    Yuansheng Chen, the wife of Yale Xiao, who are the parents of the Harvard student who bragged his Mom could have been 'high up in the Chinese central government' if she had stayed in China, essentially admitting his mother was at least connected somehow to the Chinese Communist Party, donated money to Brian Weaver.

    We wrote earlier this week about Landmark's involvement in running 'Democrats as Republicans' in Georgia.

    Is Brian Weaver the next 'Republican' being groomed for state-wide office in a long line of Johns Creek GOP heroes like Nazeera Dawood, Brad Raffensperger, and Jay Lin?

    Editor's Note - Mark Roundtree of Landmark Communications still hasn't returned our call.

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    Pure nonsense. Shameful.

    Candi Paul

    Thank you for this info on Weaver. We know we wont be voting for him now. He came to our door campaigning a couple months ago.

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