• Why Is Mayor Bodker Pushing Covid Vaccines On Children?

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    October 16, 2021
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    Johns Creek officials are pushing Covid-19 vaccines on children. The question is why?

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    Many Georgia adults who originally got the Pfizer vaccine can now get booster shots, wrote Bodker in recent email entitled 'From the Desk of Mike Bodker' this week.

    Bodker has also pushed for children to get vaccinated in the email below:

    Here are some inconvenient facts.

    • - Children under the age of 18 have essentially zero change of death due to Covid-19 unless they have severe comorbidities, and even then proven therapeutics are a better option than experimental drugs.
    • - The Covid-19 vaccines do not stop transmission of the virus, in fact, they probably enhance it. Countries that have the highest vaccination rates are seeing the most growth in Covid cases due to shedding spike proteins injected via the vaccines.
    • - Approximately 4% of those receiving Covid-19 vaccines are experiencing severe reactions. There have been close to 20,000 deaths reporting in the U.S. and another 20,000 reported in Europe. These numbers are way undereported due to the difficulty of the VAERS reporting system and the refusal of the medical community to fully report adverse side effects. CDMedia has interviewed scores of vaccine injured patients - you can see many of the interviews here.
    • - Male children especially have been shown to be highly susceptible to myocarditis (heart inflamation) from the Covid-19 vaccines. Why is Bodker not mentioning this in his emails?
    • - The only approved (without standard long-term tests) Covid-19 vaccine in the United States is the BioNtec vaccine. There is just one problem. The BioNtec vaccine is not available in the U.S...anywhere. The Pfizer vaccine is still under an emergency use authorization.

    In Bodker's newsletter, there is no mention of therapeutics...none. Why is that? Why is Bodker following the CDC guidance when it has been shown to be fraudulent?

    The CDC and the FDA have been caught over and over lying about Covid and the vaccines. Why would any responsible adult push their guidance? Especially when the health of chlidren are concerned?

    Mayor Bodker is not taking care of Johns Creek residents with his advice. He is taking care of Pfiizer and those in our government pushing for medical tyranny.

    Don't trust Mayor Bodker.

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    Dan Pierce

    It is my understanding that ALL the Covid vaccines, including the one that was FDA approved were grandfathered back into the EUA.

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