• Johns Creek Avoids Blue Wave, But Dems Have Good Election Night Across GA

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    November 6, 2021
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    Johns Creek, a wealthy North Atlanta suburb, is targeted by the Left to 'turn blue'. We have previously written also about the Chinese Communist Party influence in the jurisdiction. The elections were a great start to rebuilding the community but more work needs to be done.

    In local City of Johns Creek Elections

    No runoff required for Post 3 with three candidates running.The nonpartisan election was against the 5 candidates who all ran as Democrats with plans to change the COJC to Blue.We have more work to do to fix the COJC Storm Water Utility, eliminate Jacobs Engineering, get a real Storm Water Engineer to head the Utility, who wants to help solve the problems in COJC.

    Johns Creek Mayor

    JC City Council Post 1

    JC City Council Post 2

    JC City Council Post 3

    JC City Council Post 5

    Local JC Resident Comment: 2023 & 2025 are elections on the opposition's radar........they actually had a BIG night outside our local community.

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