• Jewish Children Reportedly Bullied In Johns Creek Schools..."Go Back To The Gas Chambers...We'll Put You In The Shower..."

    By Staff
    December 8, 2021
    Taylor Road Middle School, Johns Creek, GA

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    The result of CRT in our school system is hatred. We are seeing this consequence of our failed education system, riddled with identity politics, in Johns Creek, GA schools.

    A middle schooler pushed this girl down on the bus and told her to go back to the gas chambers.  They bullied on social media calling her "little Jew" and threatened "don't make me put you in a shower" with obvious reference to gas chamber, informed one local parent to The Georgia Record.

    As if to make my point about how we tend to forget and repeat history, Jewish kids in Johns Creek are being bullied by kids using Nazi symbols.  We proudly declare "never again" but within 80 years of the defeat of Nazi Germany by heroic Americans, we have American kids using those symbols of hate against the same victims of the Holocaust.  

    American kids are being taught via CRT to be judged by color, race, religion, etc.  Rather than being taught about America as a beacon of light, they are told how we are built on racism.  Rather than focus on the goodness of our nation and the extraordinary things we have done, we teach of our failures.

    Verbiage taken from Change.org petition

    Dear Fulton County Schools Board:

    We write to you today expressing serious concern over antisemitic comments and acts that have been regularly taken place at Taylor Road Middle School in Johns Creek. It has been brought to our attention that students at this school are sharing Nazis symbols and actions against Jewish and Israeli students on a regular basis, on and off-campus, to a point that many parents are considering if this school is safe for our kids.

    We call upon Fulton County School Board to publicly demonstrate – in the strongest possible way – your commitment to fighting antisemitism and all forms of hate. We urge you to use your position of power, to ensure that Jewish students, educators, and families in Taylor Road Middle School, and around Fulton County School system know that they are welcome, accepted, and safe in their schools.

    With the rise of antisemitism across the country, Fulton County School District cannot ignore the reality that our communities face. Jewish students are facing harassment because of their identity – ranging from accusations of dual loyalty to name-calling and vandalism. In fact, according to the most recent hate crimes report released by the FBI, 57 percent of the total number of reported religion-based crimes were directed against Jews and Jewish institutions – even though Jews make up only 2 percent of the country’s population.

    The District must ensure that students are supported in safe and welcoming spaces, and hold those who disrespect faith accountable. When we allow this behavior in our school system, we are no longer fostering a safe and inclusive climate for students, educators, and administrators.

    As we just celebrated Hannukah, Jewish leaders from the Maccabees to the Wiesels, reaffirm our belief that light still drives out darkness, and freedom still needs fighters.

    We demand that the district and school Declare a Zero Tolerance Policy towards Racism and Antisemitism. We demand the school to expel any student who uses Nazis slogans or uses Neo-Nazi language violating a Zero-tolerance policy.

    As concerned parents who love our community, we are ready to support educators with resources, lesson plans, and guidance to ensure classrooms remain a safe and welcoming space for all students. We hope to be a resource to you as we move forward to create the community that we all want to live in.


    The Jewish Community of Taylor Road Middle School

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    tk be like what’s this about



    Rhonda Phillips

    Consider during the lousy education of US schools; I very much doubt these children knew anything about these atrocities. I very much doubt the were exposed to it on any emotional level, or comprehended starvation, deprivation and loss of life.

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