Vernon Jones Rebukes Kemp For Not Being Pro-Life

September 7, 2021
Vernon Jones Rebukes Kemp For Not Being Pro-Life
Margaret Sanger and son in Japan, 1922

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Today GA Gubernatorial Candidate Vernon Jones called out Gov Brian Kemp for saying life begins at 6 weeks, and professed his pro-life credentials by speaking with Dr. Alveda King.

Will someone tell Brian Kemp that life starts at conception, not six weeks? 

Thank you Dr. Alveda King for pulling that white sheet off of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood and opening my eyes. She set out to abort every Black baby and sterilize every Black woman she could find. It's called Genocide!

Vernon Jones sits down for a conversation with his friend, Dr. Alveda King to discuss his pro-life views and how one of Dr. King's books helped open his eyes to the abortion industry and it's ugly roots.

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4 comments on “Vernon Jones Rebukes Kemp For Not Being Pro-Life”

  1. Dear Sir, why don’t you ever interview the other candidate Kandiss Taylor? You seem to keep interviewing Vernon Jones and that’s fine but your really not giving your audience the other point of view, so I feel your not being fair to us to help us get all candidates views and what they will do for Georgia and it’s people! Thank you.

  2. I truly don't understand black folks in this country? They vote 90 percent dumpacrap and lose more black babies in a year through abortion than any other ethnic group? Yet, they support the MURDERS AND MURDERERS of their youngest! Beam me up Scotty!