• Voter Guide: Chris Coughlin

    By Staff
    October 30, 2015

    Here is the 2015 Election Voter Guide for Chris Coughlin.


    According to the City Clerk’s office, Chris Coughlin signed an Affidavit not to spend/collect over $2500.

    Therefore, he is not required to submit Financial Disclosure forms.

    Chris Coughlin last voted 11/4/14

    Sources: City of Johns Creek & Fulton County Voter Registration List 8/2015


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    6 comments on “Voter Guide: Chris Coughlin”

    1. Remember that I live in Georgia state house district 25 and that is why I couldn't vote in the 1/6/2015 or 2/3/2015 elections that were held for the special house district 50..

    2. Chris Coughlin is the straight talking candidate on Taxes and Use of Reserves. It will be refreshing to vote for Chris for Post 2.

    3. Chris Coughlin is exactly what Johns Creek needs! This guy knows his stuff. He has studied this stuff. Chris is not a political figure. He is a resident and a family man with an incredible education in exactly what is called for here in this election. He knows how to fix our problems and has a plan. An actual plan. Read his interviews, then read his competitors. Talk is cheap. Anyone can say they want to lower taxes, fix traffic, stop apartment development. Much more difficult to do these things. Chris Coughlin has a plan. He's the real deal.

      1. I too find Chris Coughlin refreshing. He came to my house and was very sincere. I like his approach to not accepting donations, funding his campaign frugally and not littering the city with yard signs! His platform is common sense. Win win. I'll vote for him twice. Cindy S.

    4. Chris Coughlin is a refreshing breath of clean air in an field of smoggy candidates who feebly mimick national politics. Such as GA Right to Life endorsements really? this does not say serious candidate about traffic solutions, acquiring green space, or improving business conditions.
      Chris has ideas and solutions. Vote for Chris.

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