VoterGA Releases Proof Of Herschel Walker’s 20,000 Vote Loss

December 2, 2022
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VoterGA Holds Video Election Integrity Update June 4, 9:00am EST As Dominion Voting Machines Involved In Massive Voting Scandal In Dekalb County

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Election integrity activist group released a press statement on election fraud against Herschel Walker in the GA Senate race. The statement can be read below:

ATLANTA, GA, December 2, 2022 –VoterGA released more evidence today substantiating the 20,000+ vote decline that Herschel Walker’s U.S. Senate election totals experienced at 10pm on Election Night. Before and after screen shots of interim election results reported by Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) for the 2020 General Election show the inexplicable decrease for Herschel Walker. At the same time, opponent Rafael Warnock’s total increased by over 4,000 votes and Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver’s total increased by over 300.

The screen shots are accompanied by a sworn affidavit from a Chatham County resident who witnessed the reporting anomaly on Election Night while watching GPB. Her affidavit corroborates another sworn affidavit from a Paulding County resident who witnessed a nearly identical vote drop reported on WSB-TV at the same time.

Both affidavits are further confirmed by the media line feed of election results provided by Edison Research. That line feed, made available in 2022 by CNN, also shows a similar, even greater decrease. The decrease was not reported on the line feed until over a day later, indicating that line feed data may have been manipulated.

The 20,000+ vote decrease varies slightly depending upon the time slice of the interim election results that are being reported. It was not enough to make a difference in whether or not there is a runoff in the U.S. Senate race set for Tuesday, December 6th, 2022.

Neither GPB nor the SOS office was willing to respond to a request to explain the anomaly.

A WSB election worker who was contacted stated that: “We get our data from the Secretary of State’s (SOS) office”. The SOS office receives election results from most Georgia counties indirectly through third-party election reporting software known as Clarity Elections. That product was purchased from Scytl owned SOE software out of Tampa, Florida by Gov. Brian Kemp when he served as SOS. The software also provides the results for the media line feed.

VoterGA co-founder Garland Favorito stated: “There is no technical explanation I can see for one candidate’s vote totals to decrease dramatically during an election especially when his opponents’ totals are increasing at the exact same time. We are concerned that this indicates some type of electronic vote manipulation that the office of the Secretary of State is unwilling to investigate and explain. That puts the runoff at risk of the same problem.”

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