Will The Judge Gag Trump?

April 1, 2023
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What is it they are afraid Trump will say? What are they trying to hide?

Photo: YouTube clip: Watch Al Smith Dinner...PBS

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Questions are being asked about how the actual arrest will be conducted, but perhaps the most important questions are about what happens AFTER Trump's arraignment.......

This morning the Daily Mail - and others - are suggesting that the court may impose a Gag Order following Trump's arraignment next Tuesday:

Duncan Levin, a former federal prosecutor with the Department of Justice, has warned that Manhattan's Acting Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan is likely to issue a gag order on the former president.

Consider the circumstances, Trump is an announced candidate for President of the United States in the 2024 election, now just 20 months away. What might such a gag order cover?

Trump has been consistently characterizing the Democrats strategy and now the charges against him as a "witch hunt." What effects would a gag order have? Would a gag order keep him from speaking to the American people? In what venues? Would it prevent his rallies, which draw ten of thousands? Would it prohibit posts on Truth Social?

Those following the situation focus on the charges themselves, made up out of misdemeanor charges for the which previous investigations have found no crimes and which are now past the statute of limitations, combined with campaign charges for which even the star witness Michael Cohen admitted there was no evidence.

So what's is really driving this?

Those who have followed Trump closely since 2015-16 when he ran for President and emerged as the winner despite many critics, will remember many occasions when Trump would make comments which seemed to imply meaning beyond simply the words he said. One example is the Al Smith dinner during which he made several seemingly harsh comments toward Hillary Clinton, but since that time have made observers wonder what else he might have been communicating:

On another occasion, Trump hosted a dinner for a number of military leaders and their wives and before the evening began gathered them together for a photo and mentioned "Perhaps this is the calm before the storm." When pressed on what the statement meant the President simply said "You'll find out."

There are hundreds of such instances in the years in which Trump has spoken to Americans, posted through social media and appeared before crowds across the nation. Few days have gone by without a statement of some kind from President Trump.

Is the President communicating more than just rhetoric? Many say yes. So we consider these questions:

What does the President know that he is sharing indirectly (and sometimes directly) through his statements?

Why is it so important to the Washington establishment to keep him from sharing with the American people?

Does this give a hint toward why for seven years these "people" have fought so hard to prevent his attaining office, then to remove him from power, and now to prevent him from once again regaining the Presidency?

As we go forward many are now listening to every word and trying to discern the more subtle things he may be sharing, to "decode" the information he may want Americans to begin to learn.

The Georgia Record will be listening too.

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I'm trying to imagine how successful a gag order or any order would be, limiting candidate Trump. He would certainly appeal this and would win. How can you justify a gag order, for any reason, on a political candidate?

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