• Open Letter From A Georgia Military Mom Regarding The Illegal DoD COVID Hammer

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    October 8, 2021
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    The DoD vaccine mandate is causing havoc among Georgia military members. Below is a letter from a military mom to the GA Congressional delegation.

    To Georgia’s Congressional Members, the General Assembly, and All Elected Officials:

    On behalf of thousands of military service members and their families in concerned collaboration, I ask that you do everything in your authority to put a rapid halt to the illegal abuse of military service members regarding vaccine mandates. It is destroying our military and has the potential to decimate our reserve force. Morale is at an all-time low. Our best leaders are planning their exit, with no bonus being enough. Recruiting is in the ditch with 30-40% of applicants withdrawing their paperwork and many avoiding military service options altogether. Senior military know that exemptions are nothing but an administrative game with the next federal move being outright rejection of all exemptions based on 'readiness issues.'

    For the past thirty years, I have served alongside fine Americans from every state and territory, and now their honor has become debased by the disturbing treatment of the new misled federal regime. The Department of Defense has instructed the military services to inoculate service members with the unlicensed, Emergency Use Authorized Pfizer-BioNTech and other available COVID vaccines, which are also unlicensed. These service member vaccine 'targets' are more close to me than most of my family, and it grieves me deeply to read daily reports of their direct experiences. The federal government is violating their unalienable rights for a vaccine with alarming safety and efficacy data.

    Thousands are extremely fearful to come forward by name because they are under active threat to their career and livelihood by method of intimidation, isolation, negative disciplinary action, and attempts to deny long-term honorable status. They fear backlash from the present abuse of the federal mandates in the hands of irresponsible commanders and staff. Some of the rhetoric in the disciplinary counseling statements they are receiving is a horrendous blow to every fiber of their American human being. Some of the rhetoric is illegal. I will continue to be their voice, as a I uphold my oath to the U.S. Constitution.

    To date, there have been 535 COVID deaths among military service members (active / guard / reservists). There is a total of 2.2 million individuals in military service. The overall death rate is 0.0243%.

    Each year, there are 500 military service members who take their own lives.

    There are currently more suicides than COVID deaths. In September, there were three suicides in one week at Fort Drum. The triggers are known.

    The political agenda our United States government is ‘injecting’ into our entire military force by coercion, force and abuse is, by far, more harmful than the disease itself. It is significantly degrading the morale and mental health of our service members and their families, most whom already experience service-related stress. We see the active purge of longtime and faithful service families on account of a manmade, patented virus and corresponding patented vaccines. Educated military believe these actions are some of the greatest crimes in our nation’s history.

    Pervading the current culture of every service branch is a significant breach of command trust, even among those who have chosen to receive a COVID vaccination. They observe the manipulative tactics of their superiors, desperate to achieve the 'vaccine goals.' Individual strength and innovative thought has been replaced by a demand for collective obedience, which effectively weakens a unit. These are not the desired qualities of our United States military.

    Pfizer’s 'approved' COMIRNATY vaccine has yet to hit the market. Yet, pressure and disciplinary action have ramped up in all sectors. Do you know that federal law prohibits anyone, including a member of the Armed Services, from being forced, coerced, or in any way pressured to be vaccinated with an unlicensed vaccine (IND or EUA, or both) without their informed consent? This is against the international Nuremberg Code and enshrined in U.S. policy. Can you see that the FDA and the DHHS are ignoring that prohibition? They are also ignoring their explicit statutory responsibilities to ensure that the American public has the absolute right to refuse being administered an unapproved product. In fact, no medical treatment may be forced upon anyone. And, no special reason is needed.

    We know from inside the military that some medical personnel are baiting service members saying they have the COMIRNATY 'approved' product, but then switching at the clinic to the only products they have, which are the other emergency vaccines. To cover themselves, they fraudulently distribute COMIRNATY product information sheets, attempting to falsely assuage their concerns. Those engaged in these activities are conducting multiple levels of unlawful activity.

    The Secretary of Defense's memorandum from August 24th specifically instructs the Armed Services to ignore any claims of the exemption from being vaccinated by service members who have immunity from previous COVID-19 infection. This is a brazen, dictatorial, and unscientifically supported directive that prevents ethical military care.

    Moreover, the vaccines are not safe, and career research investigators are stating that they should never have advanced to Phase 3 trial, which happens to be the unrelenting push upon the entire United States population. The 'warp speed' Phase 2 trial was a ridiculous two-month length, with no time to track prolonged adverse events. Plenty of professional research and adverse reporting is available to raise alarms for safety and efficacy of all of the currently available vaccines. For example, the CDC is still investigating the deaths of over 13,000 individuals, over 700,000 reports in the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS), and over 2 million cases in the system belonging to the World Health Organization. Additionally, the Lancet reports the the actual risk reduction, which has been withheld by the American media until this week. Based on these numbers, an individual is, on average, 99% just as likely to get COVID after the vaccine. Pharmacoeconomic Data Video Courtesy of Pfizer

    To lend support to what has been apparent for months among service members, LTC Theresa Long, an Army Flight Surgeon, has submitted 269 pages of exhibits for her motion for her 69-point preliminary injunction from the illegal government vaccination program. Her attorneys filed her case on September 23rd in a Colorado District Court. Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, Medical Director for Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Clinic, filed an adjoining affidavit supporting her preliminary injunction. The action of Dr. Long is to protect her 3,000 flight students at Fort Rucker and the American public.

    To address the readiness issue, she also says, "There is no pressing military exigency requiring mandatory vaccination... There is no indication that the last 18 months of the pandemic moving through this country has in any way reduced rates of military effectiveness, created a significant loss of personnel or readiness, or in any way affected DoD’s ability to perform its missions." However, most recent news within the ranks ideates the military's desire to go after reduced training and readiness as the reason to push for full vaccination, targeting the grind down of those who have filed religious and medical exemptions.

    Here is LTC Long's Affidavit.

    THE HEAT IS ON: In compliance with the Secretary of Defense directive, the Air Force and Space Force (have) issued a Nov. 2 deadline. Marines and Navy sailors have until Nov. 28. All active-duty members of the Army have until Dec. 15 to be vaccinated. The U.S. Coast Guard, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, is pressuring this window, as well. This isn't about the health of military personnel and the public is fully aware.

    Because these abusive and illegal deadlines are so quickly approaching, I ask you to immediately contact Congressman Thomas Massie and lend support to his Congressional Bill, H.R. 3860. It will prohibit any requirement that a member of the Armed Forces receive a vaccination against COVID-19. I also ask that you invest in learning what is going on in your state in this regard.

    H.R. 3860 would put a halt to current force, coercion and abuse of our sons and daughter in service, my dear friends.

    To describe more of the activities and stakes involved:

    Airmen at this moment are being escorted to their medical clinics to forcibly receive vaccines or being discharged. Sailors at this moment are being given extra duty and disciplinary counseling for standing among a few who are not vaccinated in their command. Senior military at this moment are being called in for counseling and being called terrorists for accusations of trying to 'sway' junior soldiers to not comply. We taxpayers funded the recruitment and training of these men and women at immense cost. They are our nation’s defense assets, and their freedom of conscience related to their health decisions deserves our respect.

    A support group of more than 8,000 military families are actively working to advocate for their basic human rights regarding the current vaccine pressure climate. I read primary reports daily from all service branches. They are filled with accounts of their illegal, immoral, and outright degrading treatment by military commanders and staff. However, many of those who are being violated the worst are afraid to speak out, for fear of additional targeting.

    The services claim to highly value medical and religious rights. Congress claims that their ability to file and process exemptions is protected. However, many of current military leadership actions violate both health and freedom of religion in a violent manner. Many methods of processing and adjudication are significant violations of basic human rights. Many of the methods violate the religious freedoms of Christian soldiers specifically.

    Here are a few more examples from the first days of October:

    -The Marine Commandant writes in his guidelines, "... All active component service members must receive their first doses of Pfizer BioNtech / COMIRNATY vaccine no later than 24 Oct 2021," though the approved COMIRNATY is not available. It is not legal to mandate the Pfizer emergency use vaccine, and unavailable COMIRNATY'S approval does not cover Pfizer BioNtech.

    -A Chaplain caved to vaccine pressure because medical officers told him that his medical record would be marked with ‘do not retain,' even if he was in the religious exemption process. Additionally, his denomination decided to permit the vaccination of some ministry components, which has created a doctrinal 'flag' that caused him to fear for backlash. However, Constitutional protection of sincerely held religious belief has little to do with doctrinal documents. DoD policy and Constitutional law on these matters is clear and respective of unalienable rights.

    -Personnel serving temporarily under Federal Title 10 are receiving pressure to vaccinate by December 15 or before their demobilization date, yet deadlines for the National Guard and Reserve are not until June 30, 2022.

    -A Christian sailor attended his first religious exemption counseling with a Navy Chaplain. This officer proceeded to verbally rip him apart. He told him if he really followed the Bible he would take the shot and that the ‘church’ has come out that there is no ethical reason against vaccines. He berated him that his personal view of the Bible and his ethics don't make a good enough case. He told him that his faith was not sincere and denied his request.

    -Two Air Force civil engineer specialists, who are being discharged in the next month, publicly state: “Having these freedoms taken away feels like a slap in the face, honestly, and like a stab in the back… We are kind of shocked right now…” They are urgently laying new plans in the civilian world, as our military investment in them goes to devastating waste.

    -Medical personnel gave the vaccine to a service member who was sick with COVID at the time of injection to support the vaccination goals and timeline of his command. This practice has not been researched and is an unnecessary challenge to his already sick body systems. Some sensible doctors recommend delaying any vaccination considerations until at least six months after the illness.

    -A service member applied for a medical exemption on account of his blood disorder, beta thalassemia. They denied him. He had proof from the CDC that he shouldn’t be getting it. They didn’t care.

    -A unit commander just recommended denying a sailor's religious exemption, even though a chaplain recommended approving it. This is evidence that commanders are now acting as 'faith counselors' to override exemptions.

    -Religious exemption requests from pagan cult members are being approved, but Christians are being denied.

    -Stress on the family is significant. One military spouse states: “Currently, I’m not planning on sticking around (in this marriage) if mine gets this shot. That sounds horrible but my convictions are too strong.”

    -A soldier was pressured with a court martial and, so, was coerced to take the vaccine. He is now encountering post vaccine adverse effects. His doctor states: "I am unable to 100% say what his plasma abnormalities are. All that I know is that I do not see them in unvaccinated patients and that they increase in size and volume with every injection... The other plasma abnormalities look metallic in structure to me in my professional opinion. They definitely shouldn't be present in a healthy sample. He also had damage to some of his white blood cells which is also something that I see in other vaccinated patients as well."

    -A soldier in stationed in New York succumbed to vaccine pressure, but then became immediately with COVID. The command put he and a few other soldiers in isolation on the far side of the base. They provided them no medicine or care, only what was in his pack. His mother had to fly from another state to minister care to him.

    -A junior soldier stationed in Korea has received a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand. The discipline contains degrading language and Part III summary includes false grounds regarding the FDA licensure status of the products he is being offered. There are many threats of punitive action contained therein that are unjust. He has also been told that he may not file a religious exemption, that he 'missed the deadline' when they counseled him initially and sent him to quarantine as discipline. However, this stance of his command does not supersede DoD policy that he may file a religious exemption at any time.

    -A military doctor pulled up a service members file and it was marked as them having received Pfizer’s COMIRNATY, which is a fraudulent annotation. COMIRNATY is not on the market. This is further indication that they are switching product terms to coerce service members, and corrupting the practices of immunization clinics.

    Our young men and women, and their families are being unjustly abused under military commands in all service branches. They are imposing mandates and pressure deadlines, and some commanders are pushing programs against their conscience. This is a pervasive and critical matter that needs the attention of all Congressional Members. Their pain is our collective national pain, and it trickles down to the at-risk American public.

    There is more coming down the pipe in Georgia. The Department of the Army has set Dec 15, 2021 as the deadline for active duty to receive the emergency vaccines. Reservists and National Guard have until June 30, 2022. Currently, Governor Kemp and Guard in Georgia are commencing pressure on the troops to meet the earlier December deadline so that Georgia can show 'leadership.' Some Colonels are unimpressed and desire to delay the mandate.

    Please act swiftly to support H.R. 3860. Contact Representative Massie today! Invest in meeting with military personnel who are choosing to not succumb to this illegal force against both international and U.S. code involving human rights.


    A Georgia Military Mom


    [Written by a Georgia Military Mom, who happens to be spouse to a career military officer, a former military officer herself, and daughter of a retired military officer. This is the voluntary service legacy TRIAD that our country loves to honor in hopes that her children will also follow the honorable path of service.]

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