• Savannah Chatham County School Board Called Out For Discrimination

    By Staff
    October 9, 2021

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    On October 6th, the Savannah Chatham County School Board held its monthly regular meeting. Notice the date on the video - citizens have asked them to fix it and they have failed. This is just a small indicator of what other dereliction and ‘failure to listen’ is occurring within this taxpayer trust that is costing Chatham more than $650 million dollars annually.

    Superintendent Dr. Ann Levett presents as the textbook Marxist dictator of Chatham Schools. Yet, on the School Board, for who she works, she is merely Secretary ex officio by law.

    At these meetings, there is no physical venue except digital for the public to enter and hear comments, which has contributed to reduced involvement of property owners. The meetings are mid-afternoon and when most stakeholders are working, especially parents. Issues citizens broach at meetings, in addition to questions directly to the School Board, do not receive proper response, and usually receive NO RESPONSE.

    Without accountability and access, the district has easily instituted policies that destroy the public trust. All parties involved with the education of Chatham students are suffering some manner of abuse, including the School Board itself. The Superintendent and her social power policy teams regularly remove decisions from their jurisdiction.

    At monthly meetings, the School Board invites citizens to speak for a maximum of five minutes in-person and the meeting is broadcasted on their digital platform.

    Hear from these well-educated and duty-bound Chatham citizens and consider adding your petitions to theirs. Please see the details in the video description.

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    "Superintendent Dr. Ann Levett..." Imagine my "shock".

    Sarah Thompson

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