• GA House Speaker Ralston Redistricting Rep. Philip Singleton Out Of His Seat For Fighting Election Fraud

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    November 8, 2021
    Is GA Bar Politicking Lin Wood - While Avoiding Justice for Victims?
    Georgia House Speaker David Ralston
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    In the 15th installment of our Georgia Election Integrity series we explained that Rep. Philip Singleton had joined in VoterGA in filing a non-partisan lawsuit to ban the Dominion voting system in Georgia because the U.S. District Court has found that it is illegal under Georgia law. The way in which it accumulates votes hidden in QR codes is totally unverifiable to the voter. Georgia law requires an elector verifiable ballot with human readable text. Rep. Singleton resides in Coweta County and serves in House District 71.

    Although Rep. Singleton took a stance on a popular, non-partisan issue, House Speaker David Ralston wants retribution against his fellow Republican. Speaker Ralston’s leadership team members were the only ones in 2019 who sponsored HB316. That bill made it possible for Secretary of state Brad Raffensperger to buy the current unverifiable voting system.

    This week, Speaker Ralston is attempting to redistrict Rep. Singleton out of his seat for future elections. The new restricting plan moves the Republican from a district that has an 80-20% Republican majority to a newly redrawn District 67 that will have a 70 -30% Democrat majority. That is being accomplished by abnormally extending the Fulton Co. district south into a large chunk of Coweta Co. where Singleton and his family just happen to live (see Red “X”).

    The House has set up a portal for redistricting comments and there is a 1pm meeting today in Room 406 of the Coverdell Legislative Office Building (CLOB) today for two minute public comments. The CLOB is directly across from the Capitol at 18 Capitol Sq SW, Atlanta, GA 30334. The vote on the new districts is expected to take place on Wednesday November 10th.

    The chair of the redistricting effort is Bonnie Rich. Rep. Rich has received numerous [Link] contributions from Speaker Ralston and his leadership team as well as many other out of district groups and corporations. She has little incentive to conform to the will of the people or her constituents.

    On the tab below is a list of her donors.

    Rep. Rich’s Email address is [email protected]. Her office phone number is 404 656-5087. Her assistant is Julie Sutton and her Email is [email protected]. More redistricting information is available on the Georgia House News web page.

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    Madam DeFarge

    wonder about recent activity in this fuktard POS's bank accounts, mostly the hidden ones.


    This porker needs to go!!

    The Saint

    Georgians had better rise up and boot Ralston and get a handle on the voting fraudsters in their State. They cannot sit idlily by if we are to remain a republic.

    B Cole

    I never realized just how corrupt about 60% of the GA Republican Party has become.

    Ali Begonwa

    Ralston best not be visiting Barrow County. We have a special greeting for traitors.


    No patriots in Georgia willing to organize and remove Commies like this pos?

    I guess not.

    So you get what you deserve. Just like the rest of us keyboard patriots.

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