• Analyst Files Complaint With State Election Board - Alleges At Least 3,000 Fake Votes In Fulton County In 2020, Recount Intentionally Falsified

    By Staff
    October 25, 2022
    Biden DOJ Coordinated Legal Assault On Georgia Election Integrity Law With Liberal Groups

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    Research analyst Jeff Fulgham has filed a complaint with the State Election Board alleging 3,000 fake votes in Fulton County in the 2020 election. He also declares the recount in Fulton County was intentionally falsified.

    In this complaint I allege that a minimum of approximately 3,000 fake votes were included
    in the Fulton County, Georgia election results in 2020. In addition, the evidence suggests that
    the hand count was intentionally falsified. I make no assumptions concerning who may be
    ultimately responsible. This complaint concerns Fulton County alone.

    My complaint alleges that these duplicate batch entries on the hand count spreadsheet
    were intentional. I believe that the hand count was falsified so that Tally #1 and Tally #2 totals
    would match. I do not presume to know who is responsible, or whether those responsible were
    Fulton County employees or private contractors.

    You can read the entire complaint on the PDF file below:

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    "the hand count intentionally falsified" .....that would indicate deep, deep, deep level corruption. Rotten to the core. When is someone going to be held to account? So many people in jail for doing so much less.


    No one will be held accountable until the corrupt raffensberger is removed from office


    I sure hope Jeff has persona lprotection...

    Kimberly Kazy

    We should all protect each other.who do you think the 2+ million foriegn fighters are here to kill. Who do you think flew in thousands more ? Get on Twitter for the only free speech and breaking news anywhere. News is being hidden to make us all targets.

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