• Georgia Doesn't Have Fair Elections

    December 7, 2022

    Warnock Didn't Win By 51% Any More Than Raffensperger Won By 51% In The Primary

    The Price For Voting Fraudulently In Georgia In One Case Is 25 years – 15 Years Without Parole, Unless You Are Part Of The Cabal, Then You Go Scott Free

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    What you have to understand about Georgia is that state leadership is not working ultimately for the people of Georgia.

    The governor, secretary of state, etc, are working for another entity.

    We can all guess what that entity is but the citizens of Georgia do not have a voice.

    Brian Kemp didn't win the primary election by 70% of the vote. Brad Raffensperger didn't win the primary at all; he never polled about 38% and then magically never went below 51% the night of the primary in order to avoid a runoff.

    Warnock didn't win this runoff - the election was stolen. All you have to do is look at the late returns all going to Warnock to understand what is happening.

    Same thing in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and for that matter -- Brazil.

    The fraud is strong in Georgia.

    If Raffensperger wanted clean elections, he would allow us to look at the ballots in Fulton County from 2020.

    He doesn't want clean elections. He is rigging the elections.

    The Georgia Record has reported on CCP influence in the GOP in Georgia. We have reported on threats our journalists in north Atlanta received from the CCP in mainland China. We have filed open records requests on Raffensperger communications with officials tied to the CCP. They were returned 95% redacted.

    Connect the dots to Georgia elections.

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    L Todd Wood

    L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit LToddWood.com.

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    Pamela F Reardon

    I love you but you are so wrong about the Georgia election. We have 159 counties and they all finish county at different times. The amount at the beginning of the results after 7pm are the advanced voting tallies. Those memory cards and tapes are pulled between 3 and 7pm on day of election, depending on size of the county. Those results are then uploaded for tabulation. These are all done with our overlooking and watching. The absentee ballots are being scanned early but not tabulated and then they get read in. The polls at close at 7pm and each poll has to shut down and bring ballots and memory cards from the scanners under security seals to the main office to each be tabulated. So in Cobb for example, we have 147 precincts on election day. The larger counties are blue counties unfortunately and they take longer and hence the later data uploads. We are all watching every step so there is no fraud. SB 202 says you cannot stop counting.

    GA Record Staff

    Which matters not at all when they are manipulated at the machine level. Sorry, GA is corrupt through and through. It will all come out one day.

    Jaye Bennett

    Agree Truth will come out through Twitter Files/Elon Musk like AZ (Katy Hobbs) "if" Republican leaders in House strong (will they fold as usual, or will they truly fight for the American people?). Not one positive word about Herschel - all propaganda against Herschel and for Warnock. As a GOP county chair. we were on the ground for one month poll watching - many counties did not poll watch 10/17-11/4 or 11/28-12/2. Poll workers are often laisse-faire missing cheaters in the voter booth "assisting" voters, touching the screen or telling them who to vote for, both illegal. We as Poll Watchers are volunteers, not paid Poll Workers - we see these acts of cheating, report them to SoS and GOP to no avail.

    We will not be free until we know the TRUTH - who in the Republican Party in DC will "allow" the TRUTH to come out? Also, re GA we will not win until GOP/RNC unites populist, America-first Republicans with Republican establishment/RINOs - this is where Dems have "another" advantage, they stay united regardless of issues, candidates, etc. - a word to those criticizing Herschel: how did PA Fetterman win then? Herschel is NOT a politician, just an ordinary person from Wrightsville with small town, country values - he admitted his issues and wrote a book about it (presented in an ESPN documentary few years ago as well as helping Veterans w/ stigma of mental issues to overcome - I know, as a (retired) VA nurse, I did too - 22 suicides a day is unacceptable/abhorrent- the very first step to healing> admitting the problem, something no "politician" ever does (Warnock) nor do they ever take accountability - Herschel did and I'm proud of him, though slandered, he will go where God sends him next and SHINE!

    Gail Jackson

    It's so obvious!!

    Gail Jackson

    And after Kemp there will be a Governor Raffensberger and Secretary of State Sterling!!! Take it to the bank and the cheating will continue!


    Truer words were never spoken, Jaye, and until the American citizens get over their fear of this government and their own comfortable lives, things will not change.


    Simple: make election systems fraud proof. No early voting. No mail-in ballots (valid & verified absentee only). Paper ballots. In-person with voter ID. Validated voter rolls (legal voters only). NO machines, period. Hand count by precinct. 100% auditable and transparent. Election results within hours of polls closing, easily verified.

    The much bigger problem is dealing with the constant manipulation, propaganda and censorship of news and information. Propaganda used to be illegal in the U.S., now it's the core content of corporate news and gov't. We can fix this without censorship and violating our 1st Amendment, but no politicians or gov't agencies want that (with very very few individual exceptions).


    We all knew the Democrats were going to cheat...and we all bent over and took it. As usual.

    Mignon Lawless

    I agree! The fraud is so evident and for 2020 election as well. One has to be in serious denial not to see it. Thanks for all you are doing Todd!

    Upset Georgian

    Where are the police and sheriffs to investigate this election? I know we can’t rely on our (s)elected officials. There’s obvious fraud when Herschel is up by millions of votes and then there are dumps of 60,000 votes after polls close and after the Republican counties (which also have huge numbers of voting precincts) reported their results, then miraculously Warnock takes the lead and “wins”! This is sickening. Our US government is corrupt and our government in Georgia is too!

    R g McMurray

    I am 80 years old, have voted in 99% of elections since I was 21 years old as a republican.. no need for a republican to ever vote again

    GA Record Staff

    The answer is not to give up. That's what the CCP wants you to do. And why the CCP posts comments like this.

    Albie Buggard

    The Establishment couldn't allow Walker to win, so the election was rigged once again.


    The uniparty needed to maintain a clear majority in the Senate with demoncrats in control as they allowed the House to be run by the Repugnicants. The toxic mix of razor thin majorities by supposed opposing parties means at least two more years of gridlock, divisiveness, and failed government. Also two more years of a failed America.
    Stay alert and prepare accordingly.


    You can never out vote fraud. You can't turn out and beat fraud. This can't be changed at the ballot box because the ballot box does not exist.

    Plato v2.0

    Seems to me there was another election quite recently that came out 51%-49%. The mafia section od that country was the last to count and report their results. The military is currently killing communists in said country. NO I don't believe a word they or you said. This is corruption through and through and no one has the b alls to say so!

    Plato v2.0

    Marty, the ballot boxes do exist, it is the contents of said ballot boxes that is in question.


    I think they are playing with us. They probably allowed for the run-off to distract from the 2022 Mid-Term steal! And so GA could make some $. They made it look close to encourage us and make it look real, but let's face it, yes the steal in happening in the software/commands and these are removable/concealable and without a confession/whistleblower, we are stuck! We've got to get the Legislators to get back control of the Election Process. Right now Dominion or other Machine Techs control our Election and that is wrong!

    Regis Hanna

    I left the Republican Party after this election. The GOP doesn't even know the name of the game they are playing. They think it is "vote fairly and obey all the laws and Vote." NO! the Dems are playing a VERY different game and THAT is why they keep winning. The name of the game is "Steal, lie, cheat, rob paper ballots, print more paper ballots, get brain dead nursing home residents ballots by bribing their caretakers and stuff those ballot boxes with Democratic votes." THAT is how they are winning. As long as RONNA is in charge at the GOP, they will continue to lose. STUPID. Trump is allowing this. Time to turn the page on Trump.


    ALL states cheat...not just Georgia.

    GA Record Staff

    Regis Hanna - your comment doesn't make sense. How would Trump be allowing it when he has no control? We smell a troll.

    Yankee Air Pirate

    No surprise from the Dems....you expected different from the Godless the pro-murder and pro-fraud ? Surprise though, from the majority of GA GOP elected leaders and ALL GOP state leaders, this bunch are proven “do nothings”. Examples you ask? OK...Gooch, Gunter, Harbin, kemp, ratsberger, carr....and on and on. They all took the oath, may they enjoy the recompense. And now for some good news that will actually fix much....to those who would say kemp and warnock were the winners, I remind you of the words of Lee Corso( football analyst and coach), “ not so fast my friend”.

    David Cross

    On The Today Show 11-4-2020: Brad Raffensperger clearly stated there were a record 4.7 million ballots cast in the November 2020 General Election up from 4.1 million in 2016. Keep in mind, he knew the total number of absentee by mail ballots because the cut off was the night before, Election Day results were known and so was the Early Voting totals. Raffy knew ALL the numbers. He knew there were 4.7 million ballots cast and the results would not change even if Biden was credited with every remaining ballot. As soon as he mentioned the numbers, the video feed was pulled. In my video, it happens at 1 min 07 seconds. Then, somehow, the number of ballots went up and we magically ended with 4,998,000 ballots casts - almost 300,000 more than the 4.7 million record number Raffensperger quoted on national TV.

    Watch the video here https://tinyurl.com/BradReport

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