• BOWES: Evidence Mounts Georgia Elections Stolen And Officials Corrupt

    By Staff
    January 21, 2024

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    1. Fulton County admitted that they conducted zero signature verification on 380,000 absentee ballots in 2020. This affects all State and Federal races. None of those absentee ballots are legal. The Presidency and the U.S. Senate were stolen because of this violation of law. This stunning admission was in the Harrison Floyd defense hearing where Fulton County has been ordered to turn over 470,000 absentee ballot request, every signature file, the 380,000 returned absenette ballots, the 140,000 in person ballots, every memroy card, every chain of custody document, every tabulator, every memory card/USB.

    2. In the Curling v. Raffensperger civil Federal trial, liberal professor Alex Halderman demonstarted in court how easy it is to hack and change votes in the Dominion and other voting computer tabulators. Judge Amy Totenberg has already determined that Georgia voters were the victim of vote nullification related to the ballot marking devices / QR codes, but this explosive new demonstration shows that every part of the voting computer system from BMD, to e-poll books, to tabulators, to Election Management System is vulnerable to easy hacking.

    In addition, the Georgia State Election Board continued this week its desperate attempt to hide proven evidence that the QR codes on Georgia ballots in 2020 and 2022 created fake errors (ballot ID mismatch) that sent many scanned ballots into instant and illegal machine adjudication in violation of Georgia law.

    Meanwhile: Fani Willis's entire Get Trump case is now subject to mistrial because she did not get Fulton County to authorize the special prosecution and she did not get the required special prosecution approval of her overpaid unqualified married boyfriend Nathan Wade who paid for their romantic trips to Napa Valley, Aruba, Miami using taxpayer money that they illegally diverted from Fulton County approved funds intended to clear up the large backlog of covid lockdown related criminal cases where hundreds of accused defendants have been languishing in the most dangerous jail in the country.



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    Ok, just wake us when we see the twitching, peeing bodies of politicians/lobbyists in military nooses.


    We knew this 4 years ago. So let's talk about it for another 4 years. Maybe we can even impeach the fake president in December.


    For three years lefty judge Totenberg tried to hide Halderman report. Now that it is public let see what she will do. Interesting times ahead.

    Rick Morrow

    And now what about those judgements against attorneys who litigated against the stolen elections, the provisional electors who were prepared to step in and the defendants who were sued by the election equipment vendors? Where is the justice in the lawfare that was inflicted in these victims?


    I'm a little confused here...Halderman was referred to, in the article, as "liberal professor"...
    How is this so?

    CR Parker

    The original case of Curling vs Raffensberger was brought by Democrats, (Citizens for Good Governance). Professor Halderman really had no affiliation with Georgia politics but was brought in, in the beginning, because on his own he had been able to prove the vulnerability of the Dominion machines. That's his IT wheelhouse.

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