• Possible Arson Attack Destroys 'CDM/Georgia Record' Storage Unit

    By Staff
    April 23, 2024

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    A storage unit for CDM/The Georgia Record was completely burned in a likely arson attack in Miami recently.

    The fire report is attached below.

    The only units damaged in the massive warehouse with hundreds of lockers, were CDM's unit, along with those alongside.

    Upon speaking with the building's owner, CDM was informed the surveillance cameras inside the warehouse were turned off at the time of the fire.

    The fire department investigation could not determine a cause of the fire.

    The image below shows CDM's locker in the middle of the 3 burned units, and the rest of the facility unscathed.

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    Definition Please


    Dawn White

    Giving you more headaches, but also more credence.


    What was stored in the storage unit? Why might someone want that content destroyed? Was the content destroyed? Who might benefit?


    CDM stands for “Creative Destruction Media” and is owned by L. Todd Wood. Georgia Record has done a lot of work documenting the corruption in SOS Raffensperger’s office in GA along with his partner in crime, gov. Brian Kemp. They have collected and published a lot of FOIA's from Fulton County’s election corruption and how the secretary of state covered it up. There was more information in the storage locker they were planning on releasing soon.

    Shang Kwon

    Thank you for the explanation. So, this is just another coincidence and I will move along.


    Man, you must have had it all. So sorry. Stay safe,

    David Smith

    Obviously you are doing a good job if the vermin are attacking you.

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