• PART 3: Here Are 'Some' Of The FCRP Receipts

    May 29, 2024
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    PART 1: The Audit Of Fulton County GOP That No One Can See

    PART 2: The FCRP Coverup

    The following document below (images of a PDF we were provided) was an initial review of the financial situation inside the Fulton County Republican Party (FCRP) upon election of new leadership, which ran on a platform of transparency.

    Transparency, to date, has not been realized, as we understand.

    There were follow-on documents created internally after the document below was drawn up last September, which then resulted in a 'forensic review', not an 'audit', being done by a local accounting firm. The 'forensic review' was only done for one year, and was not a full audit.

    We spoke with Chrys Bruno of the FCRP this week, who told us the forensic review had been voted on by the committee and 'shown to everyone'. We are not sure what this means. Has the whole operating committee seen the forensic review? When asked to confirm, she declared a 'full audit' was done, which is not the case. She also seemed surprised when we asked to discuss financial issues within the GOP, saying to paraphrase, "What financial issues?" She suggested we talk with Stephanie Endres.

    FCRP Chair Stephanie Endres has not responded to any of our detailed questions.

    We also contacted Matt Rowenczak from the FCRP on Monday of this week and asked for a discussion. We received a response yesterday of 'maybe tomorrow'.

    This story is developing...

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