• Everyone is Welcome at GOP Fish Fry Tomorrow Hosted By The GOP 8th District.....  EXCEPT If You Want Election Integrity - Something Smells In Perry

    August 25, 2023

    Brian Kemp Scheduled to Speak, plus U.S. Rep Austin Scott

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    Tomorrow, the GA GOP 8th District will host a Fish Fry at the Georgia National Fairground in Perry, GA.   Billed as a gathering for Republicans from around the State, you would expect Republicans from all areas and all opinions would be welcome.

    The 8th District promotional flyer for the event lists FEATURED SPEAKERS:  U.S. Congressman Austin Scott and Governor Brian Kemp.

    Apparently, all Republicans are welcome UNLESS they believe in and promote ELECTION INTEGRITY.

    The Georgia Record has been made aware that VoterGA had registered for and paid for space at the event so they could provide information about their efforts to promote election Integrity in GA. 

    VoterGA was informed in the last 72 hours that their registration was cancelled and their registration fee was being returned – the funds however have yet to be received.

    VoterGA has spoken at GOP meetings  across more than 35 Counties across Georgia.  They state they have never been barred from speaking or attending on any of these occasions.

    VoterGA also paid for and attended the Georgia GOP State Convention in June speaking with and answering questions from hundreds of attendees.

    The Georgia Record was also informed that representatives from Georgians For Truth, a group which advocates the use of hand-marked paper ballots and who support the Paper Ballot Please initiative have also been refused access to the event.

    Today, additional sources stated that those wearing Paper Ballot Please t-shirts would likely be refused entrance to the event tomorrow.

    Why would the 8h District GOP Committee – chaired by Chandler “Chan” Jones make these bizarre decisions?     We wanted to know and called Mr. Jones this afternoon.  As of the time of publication Mr. Jones had not returned our call.

    The 8th District GOP Executive Committee is chaired by Chandler "Chan" Jones.

    The 8th District Executive Officers include:

    Is this move to exclude election integrity supporters somehow connected to Kemp's recent post contradicting President Trump? We don't know.

    The Georgia Record anticipates receiving additional information before, during and after the event, and will bring it you, our readers.

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    GA Record Staff

    The Georgia Record was relaunched in June of 2021. The original paper was started in 1899 and published into the early 20th century.

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    Brian Kemp, Austin Scott and Chandler Jones can all go to hell. I won't be supporting any of these RINO's in 2024.


    I said long ago kemp was corrupt. Ppl thought I was crazy. Knew he’d show his true colors. I want to know why he was in Davos. Oh yeah bc he sold out.

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