• Cherokee Activists Deliver Presentment To Cherokee Grand Jury

    September 11, 2023
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    Call out parts of Dominion contract as violating Georgia law.

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    Residents from across North Georgia gathered near the Cherokee Court House to observe and celebrate the delivery of "Presentment" asking the Cherokee Grand Jury to investigate the contract with Dominion voting.

    Proponents say the contract confirms that the machines utilize "barcodes" on the ballots and since barcodes can not be read by humans, the contract is not legal by Georgia election law which specifies that ballots must be human-readable.

    Judge Paul Nally and Representative Charlice Byrd went into the courthouse and arranged for the documents to be given to the foreman of the grand jury. Later in the day, news circulated that in fact the documents were given directly to the foreman. Sources say that in a number of previous cases the attempt to deliver such presentments have been interfered wit by local district attorneys.

    Attendees heard from a number of speakers many of whom offered prayers that the process would yield results and help bring validity and accuracy back to Georgia election processes.



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    William Quinn

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