• GEORGIA BILLS THAT THRILL AND BILLS TO KILL - Examining What Our Legislators Are Considering This Session

    January 23, 2024
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    Mallory Staples has recently joined The Georgia Record team and will be contributing her findings and expertise as Georgians attempt to make sense of the huge stack of Bills proposed for this legislative session.

    Ms. Staples publishes regular updates on her Substack account which we will provide as new editions are released.

    Ms. Staples latest release can be seen below and may be accessed directly HERE. Watch for future articles entitled "Bills to Thrill and Bills to Kill" to stay up to date, right here on The Georgia Record.

    Under the Dome | Spend, Spend, Spend | Vol. 35

    Volume 35


    JAN 22, 2024

    As someone who values truth above all else, I am appalled (although not shocked at this point) at the false claims made by the Governor in Davos regarding the state of Georgia. I could devote an entire newsletter to it but at this point I will highlight one thing and move onto the budget and the legislative business of the people of Georgia. Brian Kemp stated that they don’t pick winners and losers. That is exactly what the government does evidenced in the AFY24 budget that is FULL of subsidies. AGAIN. With your tax dollars. The voters are SICK of the lies.

    I’d like to have you all help me with two things; one, call the Governor and AG Chris Carr to open a criminal investigation into Fani Willis and use their authority to remove her from office like they have refused to do for the better part of half a year while people’s lives have been destroyed. HOW AND WHY HAVE THEY NOT DONE THIS??????????

    Secondly, please call senate republican leadership ( Senators Walker, Robertson, Gooch, Kennedy and Anavatarte- who voted Senator Moore OUT) and ask them to apologize to Senator Colton Moore & reinstate him to the republican caucus. What we are seeing all over the headlines regarding Fani Willis and her sham office, sham investigation and sham money funneling is EXACTLY what Senator Moore called for in office back in AUGUST. He was attacked, ridiculed, expelled and also… CORRECT. They need to own this and make it right. CALL THEM.

    Below you will see the GFC press statement regarding two pieces of companion legislation that will be dropped today by Senator Moore and Representative Byrd to aggressively reduce the state income tax by 1% over six years. In contrast, the Governor’s plan would decrease the income tax in Georgia by .1% taking 54 years to unburden the citizens of Georgia and it actually stops after 4 years.

    Next newsletter will detail the budget. Buckle UP.

    Lastly, PLEASE forward this newsletter onto your networks and mailing lists!!! We must multiply our efforts daily.

    Governor Kemp 404-656-1776

    AG Carr 404-656-3300

    Senator Kennedy 404-656-6578

    Senator Gooch 404-656-9221

    Senator Robertson 404-463-3931

    Senator Anavitarte 404-656-0085

    Senator Brass 404=463-1376

    Senator Walker 404-656-0095

    Mallory’s Freedom Fund Announcement

    Being in an election year, and desperately needing more good guys in the General Assembly I have highlighted the Georgia Freedom Fund below. Both my interview, our mission statement and call for support. We HAVE to get rid of these terrible leaders and bring in fresh blood. Help us do that!

    Link to Announcement

    Summary of Election Fraud in 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States

    This is an amazing thread from X listing election fraud in several states. Great to have at your fingertips.

    Link to Election Fraud Report

    1.21.2024 CDM Segment

    Thank you to Bill Quinn and Todd Wood for Inviting me to be a contributor on their platform and provide weekly legislative updates. We have to watch and be ready to act under the dome.

    Link to CDM Segment

    We are in a war and we have only a handful of fighters. The few elected officials that are courageous and ethical enough to step forward and fight for every citizen’s liberty need to be protected in the next election. In addition, more conservative leaders are needed to join these freedom fighters in the General Assembly- Senate and House chambers. 

    That’s why we exist. The Georgia Freedom Fund will provide the much needed financial backing that true conservative candidates must have to prevail in these elections. This PAC will use funds to protect the members of the Georgia Freedom Caucus and to elect new members of the Georgia Freedom Caucus. The establishment leadership, funded by the Governor and the Speaker, have millions in their account and have already started sending checks out to their incumbent loyalists under the dome. Citizens have no hope of true representation when their leaders are beholden to the ruling elites for campaign funding. 

    By donating to the Georgia Freedom Fund you are investing in a conservative Georgia where our freedoms are preserved and protected for the next generation. In a climate of justifiable distrust for republican leadership, we make the very important distinction of stating that we are conservative. Our mission is simple- protect and elect existing and future members of the Georgia Freedom Caucus- candidates who won’t grow the government but will reduce its size. Candidates who won’t raise taxes but will see to fiscal responsibility. Candidates who won’t increase regulation or infringe on personal liberty. Candidates who support law enforcement in doing their jobs to keep citizens and communities safe and hold ALL officials accountable to constituents, not outside PACs, ideologies, lobbyists or industries.

    Be a part of a defining moment in our nation whose impact will be a legacy of freedom. We CAN and WILL win with your support for the best possible leadership for Georgia. Please stop supporting those who do not work for you and double down on supporting those who WILL work for you. Give to the Georgia Freedom Fund and we will use your investment to do the hard work of winning these seats. We need you and you need us- the perfect team.

    You can donate via the link below or mail checks to the following address:


    Or Georgia Freedom Fund  

    4060 Manor Overlook Drive

    Cumming, GA 30328

    Yours in the fight,
    Mallory Staples

    Mallory Staples: CDM & The Georgia Record Legislative Update

    Link to CDM Interview

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    Mallory Staples

    Mallory is a former teacher, small business owner and congressional candidate in Georgia 6 and with her background in ministry and as a homeschool mom, she brings invaluable convictions and real-world perspective to her role as Georgia Director of the State Freedom Caucus Network and Chairman of the Georgia Freedom Fund.

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