• Is Defeated Mental Health Bill (HB 520) Trying To Sneak Back Into Play?

    October 18, 2023
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    Citizens already preparing to tell their Counties "No"

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    Earlier in the year the infamous "Mental Health Bill" failed to pass in the Georgia General Assembly after citizens across the State spoke out against it. In many cases these citizens spoke directly to their House members and Senators to tell them this was not wanted.

    Now comes word that a draft resolution has been sent to all 159 Counties in Georgia which urges the Governor and legislators to take action to "...enhance Georgia citizens' access to vital mental health services..."

    Those across Georgia are researching who generated and sent this document. As soon as facts are known we'll bring them to you.

    For those concerned about the attempt to reinintroduce such legislation, experts suggest quickly contacting your local County Commission (or county governing authority) and tell them you don't want such legislation nor should they approve this resolution.

    HB 520 was defeated earlier this year after Georgians got a look at what was contained within it....

    The ability to institutionalize, and potentially treat, an individual (including children) based on as little two affidavits (with the names redacted.)

    The ability to "monitor' individuals, possibly with electronic means, which would provide data regarding the person for an undetermined period and potentially broad tracking information and more.

    Broad expensive "studies" to "count" mental health beds in areas all across Georgia. Studies which practicing Doctors and clinicians said was unnecessary because the number and location of beds was already well known.

    A statewide system (GDAC) to share data across agencies, in some cases with the data and the fact it was being shared immune from disclosure even by Open Record Requests.

    A portion of HB 1013 ( a previous mental health bill) actually would have relinquished Georgia's control over the definition of Mental Health standards to the World Health Organization (WHO.)

    With the now greater understanding of the WHO, World Economic Foundation (WEF) and other such Globalist organizations, the vast majority of Georgians have an immediate allergic reaction to such proposals.

    Unfortunately, even though the HB 520 bill was defeated, Gov. Kemp put most of the GDAC database/data sharing portions of the bill in place via Executive Order just a few weeks ago.

    See our report on the Executive Order here: BREAKING: Why Is Kemp Rushing A Part of The Defeated 520 Bill Into Action Via Executive Order


    HB 520 though presented as an important critical step, failed to even define such things as the meaning of "Serious Mental Illness."

    Across the nation a number of similar bills have were introduced with most seen as a method to gain further tracking, and control over citizens. In some States like Colorado, Gun legislation was quietly built into legislation to trigger such things as "red flag" laws. (Laws which provide for the ability to impact a person's 2nd Amendment rights.)

    The Georgia Record is working with many around Georgia to secure answers about where the Resolution came from and those pushing the initiative. We will bring that information forward as received.

    HB 520, Is There An Underlying Agenda?

    HB 520, Is It Over Yet?


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