• As We Approach The First Primary 40 Days Away Why Are Some In GA Pushing The "Also-Ran"s

    December 5, 2023
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    With a scant 40 days before the Iowa Caucuses and 47 days until the New Hampshire primary, some are noting a surprising focus by certain organizations in Georgia.

    The latest report from Realclearpolitics.com shows Trump leading with over 61 points and DeSantis at 13.2 points and declining - putting Trump 48 points ahead. Yet some organizations in GA seem fixated on continued focus on anybody/everybody BUT Trump...why?

    As an example, those who follow College Football might ask why would we, at this point in the season, be following Kansas State and Notre Dame? Why indeed.

    Yet several organizations are banding together for a "Debate Watch Party" for the next debate scheduled for this Wednesday evening. Is it nice to get people together? Sure. And it likely took some fair amount of coordination to put six organizations together to sponsor this event.

    But why have these same organizations not held Trump Rally watch parties? Why are they nearly silent on the efforts in some States to find ways to stop Trump at any cost.

    This question becomes even more pointed considering that this week Ohio's GOP came out to endorse Trump for President.

    Many note that more that 63% of Georgians have belief that 2020's election was rigged and 55% are concerned it will happen again, If these concerns exist, why has the Georgia GOP (led by Josh McKoon) done little to support the people's wish for a change in election systems and practices.

    Indeed, in at least one GOP event, the infamous Perry Fish Fry, the organizers decided to ban attendees wearing "Paper Ballot Please" t-shirts. Doesn't the Republican Party say they support free speech?

    Back to the debate question. Why are the leaders of a number of these organizations seemingly silent on Trump and his clear support here in Georgia and across the Country? Why would they spend more timely promoting a debate with "also-rans" than preparing to support the candidate so broadly supported by the people?

    Do they now share the people's views? If not, what views do they hold?

    If something is in fact amiss, we would expect the views of those who do not have the people of Georgia at heart will become only too clear soon.

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    You ask why, because the powers that be want notre dame to be number one and they don't want Trump on the ballot, period!!!!

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