• "Nikki" Polling Off As People Ask "Who The He77 Is Nimrata"?

    December 19, 2023
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    According to Realclearpolitics.com Haley's polling has taken a drop just as it seemed she might outpace DeSantis whose campaign has all but closed shop.

    Trump continues to climb even as left leaning publications try to reposition Trump from overwhelming front-runner for the Republican nomination to "Biden's best bet" for re-election.

    The problem? American's aren't buying it.

    Trump leads Haley by 50 points and voters don't believe Nikki "Nimrata" Haley can do better against Biden than Trump. This is especially true now that it's bee discovered that Haley's Top Donor is also a close Zelensky crony. Some even suspect that some of the money going through Zelensky's buddy may be American "Aid" dollars coming back to shore up a Trump opponent.

    Charlie Kirk also tweeted that at AMFEST2023 Trump received a commanding 83% of first choices from attendees, while Haley received 1%.

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    He77. That's the year nimrata's daddy naturalized, five years after her anchorbaby birth to alien clemson students

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