• The True The Vote Win And How It Makes Things Look Even Worse For Brad Raffensperger

    January 3, 2024

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    As recognition of the outcome in True the Vote's case against Stacy Abrams Fair Fight spreads across the Country, some aspects of the case pose troubling questions for the Secretary of State right here in Georgia.

    Yesterday Judge Steve Jones of the Federal District Court of Northern Georgia found in favor of True the Vote and co-defedants. In his findings the Judge essentially stating that the plaintiffs (Fairfight et al.) had failed to provide evidence showing that True the Vote and defendants had done anything which violated the Voter Rights Act, nor had the plaintiffs shown that any voter in Georgia had been reasonably intimidated by True the Vote or Defendants actions.

    Fair Fight (an NGO formed by Stacy Abrams) filed the case immediately after citizens across Georgia filed over 360,000 challenges for registrations which were ineligible under Georgia law based on address requirements.

    For the past three years True the Vote has fought to ensure that Georgians could keep the right to accurate, timely voter rolls while Fair Fight, the Marc Elias firm and in fact Biden's DOJ fought to exhaust True the Votes resources.

    Concerns surrounding Georgia's Secretary of State

    In an Affidavit filed on 9/27/2023, Catherine Englebrecht disclosed that on December 16, 2020, she and her team met with Brad Raffensperger, GA Secretary of State, Jordan Fuchs, Assistant Secretary of State and Ryan Germany SoS Counsel to brief them on information showing that more than 364,000 registrations in Georgia were ineligible based on Georgia law. 

    They held this meeting to avoid surprising the SoS office when the challenges were filed and also to hear Raffenspergers feedback about how the impact to County election boards might be handled.

    In her affidavit Ms. Englebrecht recalls two memories of the meeting:

    “First, I recall that Ryan Germany described the process of challenging ineligible voter registrations as one that should be “easily managed”

    And second: “Secretary Raffensperger took out his pen and grabbed a piece of paper, wrote for a few seconds, then said (and here I’m paraphrasing a bit from memory), "Yeah, it should be about that number. Lots of people move every year and they’ll still be on the rolls.”

    Keep in mind this meeting occurred on December 16, 2020, over a month after the November 2020 Election.

    Approximately two weeks later, on January 2, 2021, President Trump held a call with Raffensperger, Ryan Germany and Jordan Fuchs to discuss the results of the 2020 election in Georgia.

    Given the information disclosed recently surrounding a potential coverup of errors by the SoS Office, Investigators Atty. Charlene McGowan, and certain members of the State Election Board, the questions now swirling around Georgia’s Secretary of State (and several others) now seem ominous indeed.

    Gregg Phillips, founder of OpSec, posted in Truth Social last evening providing an update to the status of potentially flawed registrations in Georgia's systems:

    According to Mr. Phillips the picture has only gotten worst under the last three years of Raffensperger's watch and likely won't change before the 2024 Elections without direct involvement by Georgia citizens - peacefully and patriotically of course.

    Georgia citizens should feel both encouraged and emboldened to pursue proper legal steps to clean Georgia's voter rolls in every County and work to ensure accurate timely election outcomes for 2024.

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    Isn't it funny how the Left always misname things? Like Fair Fight...which is attempting to enshrine cheating?

    Dan K

    I understand some print outlets need to eschew calls for violence, but look up The Battle of Athens...Tennessee. 1946


    Quite damming.
    Add Ryan Germany giving DJT an all clear on his review of ballot box videos.

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