• UPDATED: Who Is Travis Bowden And Why Is He Targeting A Trump Activist?

    April 3, 2024

    And Why Is A Former Gubernatorial Candidate Also Attacking - Again?

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    How did a story about one gentleman who thought he was clear to register to vote and then did in-fact register, become international news?

    Why are key facts being overlooked or deliberately ignored by those who apparently have an agenda to attack him?

    Many Georgians remember that David Cross and Brian K. Pritchard were both attacked some months ago using other means but the same people as attack dogs? Certain members of the GOP elite apparently wanted them out.

    In the past week the news regarding an Administrative Judge's finding regarding Brian K Pritchard's registration in Georgia has reached around the world for reasons no one can explain.   This seems especially odd considering that election news has been brought out feverishly for the last three years with videos and documents supporting ballot trafficking, deliberate mass voter fraud and more.     Few of these stories have received more than minor attention from mainstream media.

    In this case a man who had reason to believe he was free and clear to register and vote in the state of Georgia is being attacked in a manner reminiscient of how he and another member of the GOP Executive Committee were attacked some months ago.

    The previous attack ended when it was learned that a previous candidate for Georgia governor had spread false information and was called out on video by the very person she was citing.   More on that in a moment.

    In the last 72 hours it was learned that one Travis Bowden is communicating to members of the Georgia GOP state committee (and perhaps others) attempting to secure emails requesting the ouster of Mr. Pritchard.

    Who is Travis Bowden and why is he doing this?

    Travis Bowden was named Executive Director of the Georgia State GOP by Chairman Josh McKoon in July of 2023.    In his announcement McKoon portrayed Bowden's role as one of supporting and accelerating key GOP initiatives going forward. Obviously that would mean that he answers directly to Josh McKoon.

    Excerpt from McKoon announcement on Bowden:

    McKoon explains that “Travis has a great network of relationships among our grassroots leaders….”

    Is that true?    The Georgia Record decided to make calls and ask grassroots leaders across Georgia about their relationship with Travis Bowden.

    We spoke with leaders of some of the largest real grassroot groups across Georgia.  In our calls we asked ”what is your relationship with Travis Bowden?”   The answers received included:

    “I’ve heard the name but never met him.”

    “I don’t know who that is.”

    “I consider him part of the establishment – an enemy (of the grassroots)”

    Of those grassroot leaders we spoke with NONE said they have any relationship with Travis Bowden.

    Perhaps the grassroots don't know him because he keeps his Twitter (X) posts protected. Wonder what's in there?

    Why would McKoon position Bowden as having “great network of relationships” (with grassroots)  when the grassroots say they don’t even know him?

    The Georgia Record has received information that Bowden is sending out requests to get members of the GOP to request Pritchard's removal using the following message:

    1. So is Bowden acting on Josh McKoons direction?   It would be logical to assume so given Bowden's role and appointment.
    2. What fact-finding has Bowden or McKoon done to determine whether any action is warranted?
    3. Has anybody bothered to look at the document from a Georgia State Agency which states "Case Closed" as of 1999? A date which could show Pritchard harmless in the matter of his registration.

    Who Else Is Attacking And Why?

    Several individuals.

    Many will remember that in January of this year when it was learned that there was a plan afoot to remove BOTH David Cross and Brian K. Pritchard from their positions as !st Vice Chair and 2nd Vice Chair of the Georgia GOP.

    The owner of a radio station in SE Georgia reported the story in his editorial broadcast and stated in an open appeal to Josh McKoon to let the gentleman serve as they were elected by the People to do.

    The report was quickly disputed by former candidate for Governor, Kandiss Taylor who reported on video that David Cross had called the station owner, told lies, and in some way caused the station owner to repeat those lies in his editorial.  

    As part of her video Ms. Taylor repeatedly said “I would never cover up anything, I would never lie…” words she likely later regretted.

    Unfortunately for Ms. Taylor, the stations owner agreed to come on the Georgia 2024 Show and specifically stated that Taylor’s comments were UNTRUE:

    When someone tells something that is untrue people call that a "Lie."

    This week, Taylor once again started posting vitriol regarding Pritchard, but many, remembering January's revelation regarding her statements, are discounting her while wondering why this would be her topmost concern as we approach the Primary elections in May of this year. One key Republican leader in the District pondered why they were receiving so little information from Taylor, who is the Chair of District 1.

    Others are also contributing to attacking Mr. Pritchard, even extending as far as sharing texts purported to be of a sexual nature but offering no evidence that they are authentic and which Mr. Pritchard's wife states were used in previous smear efforts and were well-known to be false.

    More on this in our continuing coverage of this story.

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    Thanks for the article. It’s obvious they are trying to destroy him and others. You can tell it’s election season. Prayers for all.


    It's not election season though.

    Brian isn't up for reelection.



    Last edited 3 months ago by Julia
    Sarah Thompson

    This isn’t a new story. The Georgia Republican Party, Inc. & state government officials did it to me in Bulloch. Now it is GRP, Inc. & federal officials. Taylor attacked Pritchard, Cross, and me on 1/17/24 b/c we oppose the private corporation acting IN PLACE of a lawful political party. That is HIGH CRIME. Are you going to report what public records show? Corporations can’t throw people out of political parties. https://goreclaimga.org/raffensperger-tanking-republican-candidiates/

    Dawn White

    I had wondered why President Trump did not endorse Kandiss when she ran for governor. I voted for her anyway. I’m very sad to have watched this play out. Glad to see Brian K Pritchard and David Cross stand tall.

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