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    September 21, 2023

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    What is "Milton Families First" and what is it doing?

    Milton Families First has a very nice website., They show nice pictures;  smiling people, kids playing, moms helping their kids.  All nice things.

    The website states that the organization is about promoting public safety, responsible growth, government accountability

    Their website states:  “Milton Families First is a grassroots movement on a mission to protect all the things that make Milton the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

    All this sounds like nice positive aspirations and goals.

    What does their site cover?

    On the first screen of their “In The News” page they list 6 articles:

    4 articles focus on Paul Moore with statements such as “ethics scandal” and “Death Knell for Free Speech..”

    1 article calling for an investigation into “Milton Election Debacle”

    1 article on the launch of Milton Families First “Grassroots Launch”

    Where’s the nice articles about all the things that are good and going well?    What so-called debacle has occurred with regard to Milton’s elections?

    Let’s review who is behind Milton Families First.   To do so we’ll look at some publicly available information….

    Organizations like Milton Families First are required to file certain documents:  

    Here is the document filed with the Georgia Secretary of State, bringing the organization into existence:

    The document lists the INCORPORATOR as Fernando Bustelo and lists his address as 3000 Heritage Walk, Suite 31, Milton, GA 30004, USA

    The document lists the principal office address as 3000 Heritage Walk, Suite 301, Milton, GA 30004, USA

    (Readers may recall that address from a previous article.)

    Let's follow the money

    Campaign organizations are also required to file certain documents and disclosures regarding their activities and funding.  Below you may review a State of Georgia Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report filed by Milton Families First pursuant to O.C.G.A. 21-5-1 and 16-10-20.:

    Who is listed as the Chairman?:  Adam Hollingsworth

    Who is listed as the Treasurer?:  Tony Palazzo

    What email address is listed to the org:  [email protected]

    The document contains a paragraph indicating it was submitted by R. Mansell McCord.

    The document lists 29 itemized contributions totaling $29,401.00   (plus an additional $1,103.13 listed as separate contributions.)

    Readers will note that one of the contributors is Fernando Bustelo, the gentleman shown above as INCORPORATOR.  In this filing his address is shown as 1505 Muirfield Cove, Milton, GA 30040.

    Fulton Tax Records indicate the property at 1505 Muirfield Cove is listed as Alpharetta and owned by Anthony Francis Palazzo and Brittany Carter.   



    Other contributors include people from other Counties, and in two cases other States. Some find it interesting that Milton's elections seemingly command attention from across the Country.


    The document also discloses expenditures:

    Itemized expenditures are shown with a total of $9,409.22.

    Full Focus Communications, LLC (The firm described in our previous article as founded by Stephen Lawson and Cody Hall) is shown as a payee having received $6,576.32

    Guardian Treasury Services, LLC is listed as payee for an additional $2000.00

    Anedot is listed as having received $832.90

    The full document can be reviewed or downloaded here:

    So in summary, Milton Family First's disclosure indicates they spent $9,409.22 as follows:

    Of note is the Description  in Itemized Expenditures which reads:

    “AMENDED Other Digital ads and texting Oppose Richard Mohrig”

    What is all this about?  We don’t yet fully know.

    With over 69% of expenditures going to Stephen Lawson's company, Full focus Communications LLC, what is their goal? Is it solely to "oppose Rick Mohrig?" If so why?

    It is notable that since publication of our first article on the subject citizens across Milton and surrounding Counties have offered to bring forward additional data. We look forward to seeing what may be shared.

    Disclaimer: The Georgia Record herein makes no assertion of any crime(s) or wrongdoing.   The Georgia Record provides open source information for the education of the public.

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    Travis E. Allen

    A simple Google search for 1505 Muirfield Cove clearly shows the property between Birmingham Hwy and Freemanville Road, which makes it smack dab in the middle of Milton. Asserting that it's really in Alpharetta appears to be a weak attempt at to connect it to your statement "Some find it interesting that Milton's elections seemingly command attention from across the Country"

    I see no reason to have mentioned it or to have failed to note that Fulton tax records are often incorrect.


    Reading is FUNDAMENTAL!

    The story say...
    "Other contributors include people from other Counties, and in two cases other States. Some find it interesting that Milton's elections seemingly command attention from across the Country."

    "I see no reason to have mentioned it" Now you know why.
    Hope that clears up your "confusion"

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