• BREAKING Fani Slapped Down: Judge Denies Jailing Harrison Floyd

    By Staff
    November 21, 2023
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    Judge Scott McAfee has denied jailing Harrison Floyd. Parties are modifying the bond order to tighten it up, and perhaps to not tag or name people likely to be part of case.

    Judge Scott McAfee said that while the defendant, Harrison Floyd, made “technical violations” of his bond agreement, “not every violation compels revocation.”

    “What we are really here to decide today is does this order mean something or not. He does not get an ‘oh, I’m sorry,’ after I’ve already intimidated the witnesses in this case,” Fulton County DA Fani Willis said. “It is too late.”

    “He was given an opportunity to cooperate with the rules of this case and what he really did was spit on the court and refuse to oblige by three of the seven conditions of this bond order,” Willis said.

    “A review of President Trump’s social media posts make the State’s decision to go after Harrison Floyd hard to justify,” Floyd’s attorneys wrote.

    We will report more as we get it.

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    Jonathan Deeb

    Danni Willis might as well be clutching a handful of leashes with pulling, barking, growling red-bone hound dogs (a.k.a., multiple prosecutorial attorneys) who are after a plantation runaway, a.k.a. Harrison Floyd. All because Floyd is leading the Blacks for Trump organization.

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