• Is Jenna Ellis Hiding Who She Really is? Laura Loomer Posts Shocking Account Of Potential Forgery, Fraud And Bigamy

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    December 11, 2023

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    Is Jenna Ellis is Jenna Ellis someone other than who we thought?  Last night Laura loomer published a report with evidence Jenna Ellis forged her ex-husbands signature on annulment documents prior to marrying a second husband.

    It appears that Jenna may have quite a lot to worry about.   According to Laura Loomer Ms. Ellis may have forged her husbands signature on annulment documents in 2015.

    But there’s more:

    Recall that at one time she actually represented Trump and now may be a witness against him after taking a Fani Willis plea deal.   How does this latest finding affect Ellis' standing as a potential witness?

    Loomer reports that Ellis has been able to raise $216k to fund her defense efforts and then on 10/24/23 plead guilty to lesser charges and then read a statement in Court essentially apologizing to the Court and the people of Georgia. 

    Recall that in 2020 she said she saw video evidence of the stolen election. Now she says "....if I knew then what I know now......"

    Loomer suggests that perhaps her personal life provides a clue to the real Jenna Ellis.

    She married Shane Butler a UK national on December 24th 2014 but her official ceremony apparently actually took place on February 14, 2015.   The marriage was then annuuled in May 2015 acording to the notary stamp on the paperwork.. 

    She told the Court during annulment that she was married on December 24 but was actually married February 14th so we should recall  lying under Oath is a crime and especially surprising for an attorney.

    She also told the Court that she did NOT believe Christians and Catholics were the same religion.    One could make an argument perhaps that the practices (or dogma) of beliefs might vary a bit but few would that cause someone to call Catholicism a different religion than Christianity?

    Enter Wendy Carlson a Certified Questioned Document Examiner

    Ms. Carlson, after examining the annulment documents in question, has issued an official report on the signatures on the documents.

    Her findings suggest that the signature of Jenna Ellis and her “ex” husband were made by the same person.

    Ms. Carlson goes on to say that after examining the signature block of the NOTARY, she finds that signature may have been forged as well.

    Did Jennis Ellis forge her ex-husbands signature to secure a quick annulment and in doing so forge the NOTARY signature as well?

    Now things become even more concerning:

    Jenna Ellis married David Rives in June 2019.  They divorced approximately two months later with David Rives describing the reationshp with Ellis as volatile and unstable.

    Is that the end of the story?   Not yet.

    Given the above reports, is Ellis still married to her first husband?  Is she married to her second husband?  Did she commit bigamy?

    Perhaps more importantly, if she did these things could she even be considered a credible witness in the Fani Willis cases?

    We expect more statements on the matter.   As early as this morning Ellis was calling Loomer's reports false, despite the attached documents and statements from Ms. Carlson.

    The Georgia Record expects more on this story and it's ancillary connections.

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    Frankly, I began to see Jenna's true colors when she bowed down to the Colorado State Bar...

    Rick Morrow

    Has Jenna Ellis been extorted?


    Jenna is a run of the mill skank.

    Rudy’s Farts

    This is just….awesome. Jenna pitches and represents fraudulent election “fraud” we love her. She flips under threat of serious repercussions and now “we simply cannot believe her”? Uh…yeah. Keep on trying. One would have thought poor Jenna suffered enough having to endure Rudy’s farts, but this is gold.


    The underlying issue here is, "Is Jenna Ellis part of the Royals' Globalist Cabal? Many other prominent US pols are...Youngkin of VA comes to mind.

    Mad Celt

    Georgia is kinda messed up, isn't it?

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