• BREAKING: Fani Willis Anonymous Campaign Contributions Also Removed From GA Official Website - Racketeering Between Kemp And Willis?

    By Staff
    April 9, 2024

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    The Georgia Record reported over the weekend the removal of thousands of 'anonymous' contributions from the Georgia campaign finance website, totaling millions of dollars, for Governor Brian Kemp.

    Removal of this data, which could show massive money laundering, is a crime.

    Now it seems Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is leading the lawfare effort in Georgia against former President Trump and his affiliates, is also in on the game.

    The Georgia Record can report that over 200 'anonymous' contributions for Willis have been removed from the Georgia official campaign finance website.

    We will be posting today the raw data on Governor Kemp, with data on Willis to follow.

    Watch The Georgia 2024 Show! tomorrow evening, 7pm EST for continued discussion of these developments.

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    Dawn White

    And now, perhaps, people can see a connection . . .

    Bob Williams

    You can lead a horse to water...

    Frank G McCarthy

    If you are gung-ho on accusing someone of wrongdoing ...well then better look to yourself. But the Biden consortium were sloppy ...then again, this kind of lawfare was only done because of the campaign.... outcomes or the truth were and have never been a part of this side show. Once again we scratch our heads and think ...who is the puppet Master? Must be the WH legal counsel in bed with the assistant AG lawyers and officials.
    And Biden in his evilness supports this.


    Check her safe and then check her fathers safe and then suspend her license. It's a black thing.


    No act of corruption is egregious enough to result in ANY consequences for Democrats.

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