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    By Staff
    October 21, 2023

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    Hosts L Todd Wood and Bill Quinn talk with Debbie Dolley to discusses the dynamics of Jim Jordan’s loss in the House; Chris Gleason provides the latest update on election integrity efforts across the County; Hank Sullivan covers the latest discoveries that caused Fulton County to cancel their contract with Talitrix; Jackie Toboroff provides an update on unrest in New York City.

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    Warner Adams

    Recently I have had so many encounters with the sheriff's dept. and the Crooked Wayne County commissioners that I believe that I might have figured out the GAGOP.ORG. and how GAGOP uses it. I have been battling the county commissioners for a justifiable land survey that they owe. It wasn't until I started putting together a report,that I was gonna turn over to a lawyer/land surveyer.That i recognized so many coordinated illegal activities were channeled towards me by the sheriff's office.

    Warner Adams

    Y'all were the first I heard mention GAGOP.ORG. I know yall have interest in it. I think I have figured out how that tool is used by the colluding GAGOP. I would call to talk, but my phone is out of minutes until the 1st of the month. Please text back. If possible, all I need is a landsurvey of 62 acres, to get the county that loves our neighbors more than they love us, off of our land.
    And I will be happy to turn over the evidence and appear in court on y'alls behalf.
    Please help

    Warner Adams

    Our Sheriff Mosely thinks it's OK for my neighbors across the road to move"U.S. DEPT.OF INTERIOR"roadside pins and redirect the county roadscraper by putting 2×4's with nails in them on his side of the road next to the"SLOW/CHILDREN"sign to make it safe. I showed the pin to Sheriff Mosely prior to it being moved.
    I've also been told that "Your on the red list."by others.
    At the next County Commie meeting he said that wasn't true.I think he's a liar.They just denied it because I showed up

    Warner Adams

    Along with the south west land pin. The roadscraper and neighbors pile dirt up in the way of my mailbox. Then I stead of the USMail telling the county roadscraper to straighten his trail. They put a note in my mail box telling me to move it to a better location... I promise, I know this sounds crazy but I have proof. Please text me back. Or locate me on Gettr. I'm Warner Adams there too.

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