• The Georgia 2024 Show! Amber Connor, Senator Colton Moore, Richard Baris 1/24/24

    By Staff
    January 24, 2024

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    Hosts L Todd Wood and Bill Quinn welcome Amber Connor to get an update on the Curling v. Raffensperger case and how Dr. Halderman hacked a voting machine with a pen during the courtroom session; Senator Colton Moore discusses the push to reduce and eliminate Georgia income tax within 6 years, the Senates move to investigate Fani Willis, and the worrisome "Hate" crime Bill (SB359) which could result in RICO charges against people simply speaking their thoughts.

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    What a great broadcast! I learned that there are even more vulnerabilities with Dominion Voting Machines than we were previously aware of. If enough people had paid attention to the hearings held by Senators Beach, Dolezal and others in Jan. 2020, Jovan Pulitzer SHOWED us during our Senate runoff elections how easy it was to hack a Dominion machine. And now, 4 years later, we the people are going to have to vote on the same machines yet again. It's extremely embarrassing to be a resident of GA!

    Diana Barahona

    It's more embarassing to be a resident of California and Washington. But as many have said, the Democrats aren't the problem: the problem is the Republicans.


    Senator Colton Moore is a bright spot in our political landscape. We need more like him!

    Diana Barahona

    According to Real Raw News, Raffenspberger was arrested by the military in December. https://realrawnews.substack.com/p/jag-arrests-georgia-sec-of-state

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