• Why Did Jon Burns Have A Trans Pastor Give The Invocation To The House Chamber?

    March 13, 2024

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    Jon Burn choice to have a trans pastor deliver the Invocation to the House Floor has many asking questions.

    This is the first time a trans person has been chosen to provide the prayer in the Georgia Legislature and leaves some asking if this represents the sensibilities of Georgia and Georgia citizens, or if there was another motivation behind it.

    Some have gone as far as questioning Burn's viability to continue as House Leader.

    Dem Rep. Saira Draper introduced Rev. Andi Woodworth.

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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    That individual is mentally ill and should not be encouraged in their aberrant behavior


    My dad is a psychiatrist and my mom is a psychologist. You don’t strike me as an expert in mental illness. But, feel free to prove me wrong.


    I was there. I’m 90% sure he had no idea she was trans.

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