• What's In A Name?

    By Staff
    August 1, 2023
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    By Rogue Shadow -

    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” – Oscar Wilde. But imitation is pernicious when it deceives an unsuspecting public. Imitation marketing is not flattery. It bleeds the original dry.
    On the heels of the America First grassroots victory at the Cherokee County GOP Convention, we saw the creation of a group called the Cherokee County Republican Coalition, CCRC for short, a name deceptively similar to the name of the REAL official party – the Cherokee County Republican Party, or CCRP.
    This losing minority, a clique that some refer to as the “losers and quitters club,” initiated a “blank petition,” an untitled and otherwise blank yellow notepad that was first signed by State Representative Jordan Ridley, and then placed on a table where the losers invited their friends to collect signatures while the convention was still in progress.

    Signees cited different reasons for scribbling their names to the now infamous “yellow pad.” Some said they just trusted the initiators. Others thought they were signing in support of their preferred candidates who’d just lost in a transparent, hand-marked, paper ballot vote. Others were told it was to make sure that proper convention rules were followed. In the end the “yellow pad” pages were submitted as a “petition” to challenge the outcome of the election and unseat Cherokee’s entire delegation chosen to attend the forthcoming district and state conventions. As the signers later learned the intent of the “yellow pad” signatures, enough of them withdrew their names and the challenge was disqualified. Then in less than 2 weeks after this disqualification, several of these resentful election deniers formed the CCRC. The lesson? Never sign a blank check.

    In all level competition, wins and losses are inevitable. But like most children are taught, good sportsmanship in the face of defeat is as admirable, if not more so, as winning. The ongoing conduct of the coalition’s progenitors show they’ve forgotten this. The CCRC would be the first of 19 “republican coalitions” formed in as many Georgia counties, all registered by an establishment attorney named Brent Herrin. While this coalition may have started as a glorified club for dejected republicans to lick their wounds, its expansion to counties across the state is indicative of a pervasive rift where poor sports and sore losers are operating under a name by which establishment types gather and identify those who will continue to guard the uniparty’s interests.

    The bizarre appointment of John Wallace to the Cherokee County Board of Elections and Registration (BOER) on June 20th is the first example of the coalition placing its henchmen in a position to guard the establishment. Historically, the Cherokee BOER were nominees submitted by the two political parties. But Wallace was not nominated by either party. Wallace’s appointment was possible due to a new law sponsored by (here he is again) Representative Jordan Ridley. This new law specific to Cherokee County authorized the Board of Commissioners (BOC) to reject the legitimate party nominations and appoint any individual. Wallace’s appointment came after Commissioner Chairman Harry Johnston stated in an email blast that the “different factions” of the Republican Party should be represented in the new BOER, not just the supporters of the rightfully elected new leadership of the Cherokee GOP (CCRP) - who happen to be proponents of fair, honest, transparent elections. Conversely, however, Commissioner Johnston indicated that he now belongs to the CCRC faction, where John Wallace is Chair of Engagement.

    New laws that remove the local party’s authority within the county isn’t the only way for the establishment to usurp the official party’s role. As disgruntled republicans scurried away to the coalition, they didn’t just quit the party. On their “official” CCRC website they accuse the current, newly elected GOP leadership of “manipulating grassroot efforts.” Accusing your opponent of that which you are guilty is a form of propaganda so low it is attributed to Nazi Joseph Goebbels.

    The Cherokee County Republican Coalition (CCRC), in their own words, are deceiving conservatives looking to fight back against the uniparty establishment. They are luring them into its fold using a name that is misleadingly close to the legitimate party’s name, which is the Cherokee County Republican Party (CCRP). Mimicking the party name and structure is intentionally duplicitous. Will the County and State Republican Party stand up to defend itself?

    (Opinions offered are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent those of The Georgia Record, CDM, or it's associated publications.)

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