• I Wish Josh McKoon Was As Mad At Fani Willis As He Is At David Cross And MAGA

    January 18, 2024

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    The head of the Georgia Grand O'le Party, Josh McKoon, is angry.

    No, he's not visibly angry at Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney who is falsely prosecuting 19 innocent defendants and President Trump, while she was having an affair with another woman's husband, and paying him off with over $650,000 of official funds (your money) to help prosecute President Trump. This while analysts have also shown her receiving laundered "SMURF" money through the cross-state Act Blue scam.

    He's not pissed at Governor Kemp for not standing up to Fani Willis (Kemp could order AG Carr to shut down the political prosecution of Trump, but he won't).

    He's not pissed at Attorney General Carr for not standing up to Fani Willis.

    He's not pissed at Secretary of State Raffensperger for saying Georgia elections are fine.

    No, Josh is pissed of at MAGA, and The Georgia Record.

    He's pissed off at David Cross, the Second Vice Chair of the GA GOP, for sending an email stating that there is an effort to have Cross removed from the GA GOP Executive Committee.

    The Georgia Record is gathering evidence and testimony on phone calls being made to "whip" votes to oust Pritchard and Cross. Why? David Cross is one of the few election integrity advocates listed in President Trump's recently released Summary of Election Fraud across multiple states. Notably the report starts with a review of Georgia.

    This week, a radio in S.E. Georgia also reported receiving information about a plan to remove Cross and Pritchard. Again we ask why?

    Then Josh goes on to say that many people have approached him to do just that, but he 'prevented it'.

    Why isn't Josh McKoon camped out at the office of Fani Willis, with 10,000 GOP members every day until these gross prosecutions are dropped?

    Why didn't Josh McKoon raise Cain about Georgia holding a debate between Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis?

    Why didn't Josh McKoon raise Hell to have a special session to stop the prosecution of Trump?

    Why didn't good old Josh come out publicly, forcefully, to support MAGA members Brian K. Pritchard and David Cross?

    Maybe because Josh McKoon is beholden to "King" Kemp, who hates President Trump. Yes, the same King Kemp who is right now rubbing up against Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, the same Klaus who wants you to eat bugs and own nothing. The same Klaus who is talking about the release of 'Disease X' which will be much more lethal than Covid to humans. The same WEF that is promoting censorship of MAGA.

    McKoon isn't angry Kemp is rubbing up on Hitler incarnate.

    Also, a certain female member of the GOP Executive Committee has started sending private texts to MAGA members and the leadership of The Georgia Record, saying we are 'not patriots'.

    That's rich.

    Has she been deplatformed off 25 Silicon Valley networks?

    Has she been debanked five times? Has she had her bank accounts wiped of funds?

    Has she had computers blow up?

    Has she had death threats to her children?

    Has she been attacked by Media Matters in an attempt to stop truth?

    I think not.

    I flew SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force troops into operations around the world; I don't need to prove my Patriotism.

    How dare this female GA GOP Executive Committee member say that?

    We have the screen shots.

    We may tell you who she is, if the mood strikes us.

    By the way, we've asked Josh McKoon multiple times to come on The Georgia 2024 Show and tell us his side of the story, and we promised we'd be nice. He refuses, saying 'no discussion is needed'.

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    L Todd Wood

    L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit LToddWood.com.

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    How can we move ahead with all these traitors among us?

    Deplorable Me

    This is the very reason GA GOP contributions are down and people don't want to stay involved or get involved in the party.

    Mad Celt

    I am a Libertarian. My biggest wish is to see the Democrat and Republican parties crash and burn.

    KK's Honey

    The only reason they wish to throw out Cross and Pritchard is because they are exposing the truth!! The GA GOP is embedded in Kemp&The Ratt's web of lies,they loath truth tellers like Cross & Pritchard because their elitism and access are exposed. The grassroots is becoming a groundswell in the great State of Georgia, we're sick of them.


    We have so many fake Republicans in GA starting with Kemp. Need to start removing them and replacing them with MAGA Republicans.

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