• If Corrupt GA Officials Just Be Quiet, Maybe You Won't Do Anything About Their Crimes

    July 9, 2024
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    The complete capture of the government of the State of Georgia under Gubna Brian Kemp by a criminal cabal is on full display.

    This morning's travesty of a State Election Board meeting is the latest evidence of the absolute lawlessness of our 'selected, not elected' officials.

    Rather than deal with the 'Rossi election fraud case' which has been kicked down the road for months now, the SEB simply refused to do so, and voted to destroy 'transparency' by moving to executive session.

    They are lying. We know they are lying. They know, we know, they are lying.

    The thought process goes like this -- the cabal is almost to the finish line to install fascism in the once great state of Georgia. They just need a few more months. If they just be quiet and don't say anything, or do anything, about the organized crime on full display, maybe Georgia citizens won't do anything about it.

    Don't talk about the rampant corruption in the Fulton County Republican Party. And especially don't talk about delegates to the RNC who were involved in the mismanagement of the 'Fulton County GOP trust', especially not any who authorized large payments to Dominion lobbyists. Just keep 'electing Republican candidates...' You know, 'unify!'

    Don't talk about the Fani Willis case and the 19 defendant lives destroyed.

    Don't talk about reports Gubna Kemp is turning Sea Island into the next World Economic Forum hideout. (actually The Georgia Record is going to start talking about this...a lot)

    Don't talk about the fact that the Georgia Republican Party does not exist as a political party. The forms cannot be located, not at the SoS, not at the archives.. It's only a corporation controlled by Kemp. We really don't want you to talk about that. And, PLEASE don't mention that Josh McKoon campaigned on fixing the problem, then crickets...

    Don't talk about the fact that the head of the GA GOP attended a Halloween party with cross dressers. Loose lips sink Kemp ships!

    Don't talk about that consent decree that was agreed to with Stacy Abrams.

    Don't talk about Raffensperger putting GA voter rolls illegally in the cloud.

    Don't talk about the illegal trafficking operation Kemp is running at the Atlanta airport.

    Don't ask how those Ukrainian police ended in Floyd County.

    Don't ask how Kemp and Raffensperger were elected last cycle with margins way above where they were polling.

    Don't talk about how Kemp installed the Dominion machines.

    Don't talk about how Jay Lin was circumstantially tied to the CCP and then appointed to the board by Kemp that overseas the Savannah Port.

    Don't talk about Landmark Consulting running 'conservative candidates' in Johns Creek that held 'tacos and abortion parties'.

    Don't talk about how the CCP threatened a writer of the Johns Creek Post, which became The Georgia Record, and nothing was done.

    Don't talk about how Kemp allowed DeSantis and Newsom to debate in Atlanta.

    Don't talk about how GA GOP operatives spread fake sexting info about Brian Pritchard. And don't talk about how Josh McKoon only kicks MAGA out of the GA GOP.

    Don't talk about how Kemp lied about election machines being connected to the internet.

    Don't talk about corrupt Georgia courts refusing to deal with election fraud.

    Don't talk about the con Speaker Ralston ran.

    Don't talk about the Perry fish fry.

    Don't talk about how Josh Mckoon almost allowed a Dominion lobbyist to be selected as a delegate to the RNC.

    And last but not least, forget about the future of your grandchildren, you don't love them enough to do anything about it anyway.

    Kemp will be there to welcome you and yours to the gulag, I mean FEMA camp.

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    L Todd Wood

    L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit LToddWood.com.

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    Wm Cannady

    They should be tried for treason and punished accordingly…Start with Kemp, Raffensberger, Duncan, Jones, Sterling, Ruby and her daughter….yall know who you are….

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