• New Canaan RTC To Have Fan Boy Of Tyrannical Klaus Schwab - Brian Kemp - At Lincoln Dinner

    April 27, 2023
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    Are New Canaan Republicans Pushing The Great Reset?

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    Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has resided over a corrupt administration, including GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who has done all he can to fight election integrity, even to the point of putting the state's voter rolls in the cloud illegally to a World Economic Forum corporation -- Salesforce.

    Governor Brian Kemp recently went to the World Economic Forum in Davos to rub shoulders with the group attempting to install 'The Great Reset'. These are the people that declared Americans 'Will own nothing and be happy.' Davos only invited Kemp to give him a pat on the head for not securing Georgia’s Elections.

    Brian kemp is not working for the American people. He is working for someone else. We have some guesses as to who that is.

    Are New Canaans Republicans also on board with The Great Reset to destroy the American republic?

    We contacted the New Canaan RTC Chair via their website and did not receive a response.

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    L Todd Wood

    L. Todd Wood is the CEO of Creative Destruction Media. He's also been a longtime national security columnist for the Washington Times, and other large publications. Visit LToddWood.com.

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