• UPDATE: Discussion Underway To Remove Colton Moore From GOP Caucus, Discussions If Burt Jones Indicted Could Be Suspended By Kemp

    By Staff
    August 30, 2023

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    This story is developing...

    UPDATE: The Georgia Record has confirmed discussions are underway inside the GA State Senate to remove Colton Moore from the Republican Caucus, and remove from committees. In addition, there have been discussions that if Lt. Gov Burt Jones was indicted, Kemp could suspend him through process pending the outcome.

    It is not likely Jones will be indicted at this time.

    The Georgia Record has been informed by multiple sources with inside knowledge that GA Governor Brian Kemp is planning to go full tyranny and purge the GA legislature of patriots like State Senator Colton Moore, and also will attempt to remove Burt Jones from the Lt. Gov position, per special legislative power of the governor.

    Colton Moore has called for a special session to stop prosecutorial abuse of Fulton County DA Fani Willis against President Trump.

    We will publish more information as we receive.

    We are also working to establish the legislative authority for this possible action by the governor.

    Actions taken in the legislature could entail simply removal of legislators from committees and from the party.

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    We know that Kemp is one of Schwab's lap dogs, so what do you expect?


    So State Senate Moore is questioning how Trump is being treated and Kemp wants to stop it? Why?? ?


    Kemp is a WEF Uniparty Stooge.

    They know Trump wont allow NWO!

    Belinda Kasmiersky

    yep, we saw when he changed also...

    Jean Johnson

    What does WEF stand for?


    Kemp is owned

    Winston Bailey



    Kemp is a WEF Uniparty STOOGE!

    Cindie L Harman

    The Devil is sure down in Georgia - Just posted your story https://www.savemadisoncounty.org/america/lord-its-a-damn-shame-what-the-worlds-gotten-to/

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